Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet - Part 10

Written by Tasos Vasilopoulos

Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet By Tasos Vasilopoulos Part 10 - Time for decisions - Choose a web hosting company Introduction This article makes part of a series of 20 articles. The subject of this series isrepparttar creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business onrepparttar 116873 Internet. In my previous article, “Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet – Part 9 - Createrepparttar 116874 pages that will containrepparttar 116875 links”, I have guided you in creatingrepparttar 116876 pages in your website that will containrepparttar 116877 reciprocal links. In this article I will help you how to chooserepparttar 116878 right web hosting company. Choose a web hosting company. There are hundreds of companies onrepparttar 116879 Internet offering space in their servers for your web pages for less than $10 monthly. Most of them are good. They offer services to you like: · CGI-BIN, SSI, htaccess, Cronjobs · Web-Based Email (secure) · Member Operations Control Panel · Control Panel Web Users · PHP4 w/ Zend Optimizer, · Perl5, · Sendmail · FrontPage 98/2000/2002 Ext. · Webstats, Raw Log Files · Built in osCommerce (Shopping Cart) · Secure Socket Layer (Secure Server) · DNS Control (A record, Cnames, MX records) · MySQL Database · Flash, Shockwave, Midi, Mulitmedia Support · And others These are tools needed by webmasters who want to incorporate e-commerce, use databases in their websites and other advanced options. You must select a company that offers: o At least 1GB of space o At least 5GB of download size per month o The ability to use an FTP program to upload your pages o A control panel to administer your website o Full support for cgi and perl scripts o Statistics forrepparttar 116880 visitors of your web pages I have my websites hosted in Powweb and in ICDSoft Both are good companies. They answer my questions in hours. I haven’t noticed even one whole day of download forrepparttar 116881 last three years. Also, have in mind that you can change your web hosting company whenever you want. Just find another one that suits your needs, pay for their services and makerepparttar 116882 changes needed in your DNS servers (see what does this mean in Appendix C of my ebook at or readrepparttar 116883 instructions that domain name registrars include in their pages). Of course you will looserepparttar 116884 money paid to your previous web hosting company in case you makerepparttar 116885 change beforerepparttar 116886 end ofrepparttar 116887 period prepaid. Here we have to discussrepparttar 116888 option to host your pages in a web hosting company that offers its services not for money, but in exchange of putting ads in your pages. There are companies that offer to give you also a domain name for free, apart from space in their web servers to host your pages. For example Geocities ( gives yourepparttar 116889 possibility to get a domain ofrepparttar 116890 kind, which is not as good as having your own domain name though. Also allow you to host your pages without paying any money at all. But in return they add a piece of code in every one of your pages. This code presents a window overrepparttar 116891 right side of your pages, which contains ads relevant or irrelevant torepparttar 116892 content of them. They do not offerrepparttar 116893 possibility to upload your pages using an FTP program. They give you an “Easy upload” option, which is not so flexible and fast as an FTP program.

Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet - Part 2

Written by Tasos Vasilopoulos

Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet By Tasos Vasilopoulos Part 2 - Search Engines explained Introduction This article makes part of a series of 20 articles. The subject of this series isrepparttar creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business onrepparttar 116872 Internet. In my previous article, “Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet – Part 1 – The method”, I have presented to yourepparttar 116873 main tasks you have to accomplish in order to become a successful Network Marketer onrepparttar 116874 Internet. This article will give yourepparttar 116875 knowledge to understand what you have to do for your website to rank high inrepparttar 116876 listings ofrepparttar 116877 major Search Engines. Search Engines – The source of your customers and co-workers Search Engines (SE) are tools people use to find information onrepparttar 116878 Internet. In fact they are huge databases stored in many computers, which are spread throughrepparttar 116879 globe. These databases contain tables of billions of web pages with their URL and their theme. The “theme” of a web page isrepparttar 116880 main idea ofrepparttar 116881 web page,repparttar 116882 concept this web page offers content about. Search Engines use programs, called “spiders”, which crawlrepparttar 116883 web, jumping from one web page to another, usingrepparttar 116884 links these web pages have to each other. This way they build their databases with allrepparttar 116885 web pages, their spiders have went through. But, before storing these pages, they process them. They extractrepparttar 116886 theme of each web page by examining its content. They also calculaterepparttar 116887 relevance ofrepparttar 116888 page regarding its theme and its importance also. This way, if someone uses a search engine to find information about “home based businesses”, for example,repparttar 116889 most important and relevant web pages will come up first inrepparttar 116890 listing thatrepparttar 116891 Search Engines will present torepparttar 116892 user. As you may have already understood, if you make your web pages to appear inrepparttar 116893 first positions for a good theme, then you have accomplished your first target. You have your well-targeted visitors to work with. So, here we have many new issues to work with: - How Search Engines determinerepparttar 116894 theme of a web page? - How Search Engines determinerepparttar 116895 relevance of a web page regarding its theme? - How Search Engines calculaterepparttar 116896 importance of a web page? - What is a good theme? - What is link popularity? I will start fromrepparttar 116897 question: What is a “good” theme? Our business is a business conducted at home. So, our target must be to attract people in search of “work at home opportunities”, or “home business opportunities”, or “home based business opportunities”. Or people who want to “make money online”, or want to “earn money online”. The major themes are five: “work at home”, ”home business”, ”home based business”, ”make money” and “earn money”. Best of all them is “work at home”. Very targeted is also “home based business”. So, one would say: “O.K. teach me how to become first inrepparttar 116898 listings ofrepparttar 116899 Search Engines forrepparttar 116900 theme “work at home” and I will accomplish my first task withrepparttar 116901 best results”. Well, I will disappoint you, at least for now. Let’s see an example: Go to Google and enterrepparttar 116902 keyword “work at home” inrepparttar 116903 search box. Press enter. You will seerepparttar 116904 listing ofrepparttar 116905 relevant web pages a few seconds later. Seerepparttar 116906 number of these web pages: more than 12,000,000 theoretically. Among them are web pages about “work” and web pages about “home”. Butrepparttar 116907 web pages fighting for a good position forrepparttar 116908 theme “work at home” are still millions! You may say: ”How can I make it to appear in a good position for this keyword?” And you will be right. You are not ready to make it to appear inrepparttar 116909 first thirty or forty positions for this keyword now and you won’t be in grade to do it in a year’s time from now, either. Even, if you work hard for 2-3 or more hours everyday. But, remember, this is not a get rich quick business opportunity. You will need time to make it torepparttar 116910 top. If you have patience and persistence, you will make it. Do you know how many people search for this keyword every month? About 250,000. The first web page inrepparttar 116911 listing of Google receives more than 200,000 visitors monthly. Just from Google, one Search Engine. In factrepparttar 116912 first website forrepparttar 116913 time being receives more than 1,000,000 hits monthly. They are not new visitors all of them. A good percentage is recurring visitors, but this is not bad at all. That website sells products and services and statistics say that a customer sees 7 times an advertising message before takingrepparttar 116914 decision to buy that product or service. As you may understandrepparttar 116915 prize is very big and many other webmasters won’t let you easily gain a good position inrepparttar 116916 first pages of Search Engines for that keyword. But, as always, Tasos says: “Have patience, have persistence, stay focused”. The home page of one of my websites, is listed amongrepparttar 116917 first 30 web pages forrepparttar 116918 keyword “work at home”. As you can understand I knowrepparttar 116919 way. Also, take a look at Google’s results forrepparttar 116920 keyword “home based business”. You will find my other website, amongrepparttar 116921 first 20 results. How Search Engines determinerepparttar 116922 theme of a web page? Now, let’s see how Search Engines decide which isrepparttar 116923 theme of a web page. To understandrepparttar 116924 analysis below you must have already studied Appendix A andrepparttar 116925 first part of Appendix B of my ebook at You will find a very simple introduction torepparttar 116926 basics of HTML language there. Or you can perform a small search onrepparttar 116927 Internet regarding “simple introductions ofrepparttar 116928 HTML language”. We will talk aboutrepparttar 116929 elements of web pages (also called HTML pages). Search Engines analyzerepparttar 116930 “title” metatag,repparttar 116931 “description” metatag,repparttar 116932 “keywords” metatag,repparttar 116933 “alt” tag of images,repparttar 116934 “word proximity” andrepparttar 116935 “keyword density” of each web page in order to extractrepparttar 116936 theme of this web page. So, if you wantrepparttar 116937 theme of your web page to be “home based business”, you have to use this keyword much in your web page. But, have always in mind that web pages are made for humans, not forrepparttar 116938 spiders of Search Engines. Humans are going to read your pages and act upon what they read. So, putting your keyword many times in your page without any logical sense will have as resultrepparttar 116939 loss ofrepparttar 116940 visitor. Also, Search Engines tend to examine ifrepparttar 116941 keyword is a part of a phrase or stands alone. Inrepparttar 116942 second case they do not take it in consideration. So, just putting your keyword many times in your web page may hurt your scope. Instead, you have to give content torepparttar 116943 people. Use your keyword everywhere in your page, but make it appear normally.

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