Achieving Top Rankings With the Search Engines

Written by Ralph Tegtmeier

It's "promote, promote, promote" allrepparttar way. Cut up your activities into small, easy to handle chunks.

- First comes content (no point if you haven't any, is there? :-), optimizing your pages forrepparttar 128204 search engines, checking your HTML code, etc. - Next, submit torepparttar 128205 engines. Sign up with link populartiy programs if your site qualifies. Find a selection here: < > - Upgrade your site to an info hub by offering prime outgoing links - such as a search engine portal. This will help boost your site's ranking withrepparttar 128206 search engines. Contrary to popular opinion, linkage counts both ways, incoming and outgoing. Check out this free distributed search engine portal: < > The signup page is here: < > - Participate in discussion forums. - Promote on Usenet via your sig file if you can answer (or ask) questions in areas your are either proficient or at least interested in. - Check your rankings regularly. - Also, your linkage. - Generate lots of fresh, useful content. Keep your blatant marketing activities on economy drive (pardonrepparttar 128207 pun), be subtle about your promotion. Far too little subtleness/subtlety around in these blaring, excitement driven times! People will notice, will favor: less dumb hysteria, more openness, honesty. Admit to mistakes if you make them (as you're bound to), but don't cringe, don't giverepparttar 128208 impression

Utilize the Local Versions of Yahoo! to Boost Your Online Search Exposure

Written by Ralph Tegtmeier

Asrepparttar world's largest directory/portal and generator of search related traffic, Yahoo! entertains a wide range of localized sites and categories. Not all of them require paid inclusion for business sites. So if your site qualifies, you may want to sign up under a regional category instead of paying $199 forrepparttar 128203 mere chance of having your site reviewed. You may even consider setting up a dedicated web site under a foreign TLD (top level domain) in order to achieve multiple entries in this prime traffic pusher. (Take care not to merely clone your main site, however: Yahoo!'s editors are well known not to take kindly to that well worn strategy.)

But will it really effect search results? That'srepparttar 128204 best part of it: it won't! The typical surfer doesn't really care where a domain is listed within Yahoo!'s vast, hard to fathom category structure. So getting listed at all - anywhere! - isrepparttar 128205 only important point.

Below you will find a list of localized Yahoo! URLs andrepparttar 128206 TLDs you may want to sign up under to get listed.

Note, however, that restrictions may apply: some TLD registrars will only register commmercial sites with a physical corporate presence inrepparttar 128207 country concerned. You can check out allrepparttar 128208 world's TLDs and their registrars at: < >

Europe ------ Denmark (.dk): < > France (.fr): < > Germany (.de): < > Italy (.it): < > Norway (.no): < > Spain (.es): < > Sweden (.se): < > UK + Ireland (, .ie): < >

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