Achieving The Perfect Golf Swing Drill

Written by Mike Pedersen

The perfect golf swing drill is a joy to behold. And yet it is not too hard to achieve.

The perfect golf swing drill starts with a proper back swing withrepparttar golf club swung right back torepparttar 144767 limit of your body. At this segment ofrepparttar 144768 perfect golf swing drill your mind should be preparing forrepparttar 144769 rotation of your body andrepparttar 144770 arm extension.

Next,repparttar 144771 movements ofrepparttar 144772 perfect golf swing drill moves torepparttar 144773 down swing, which starts withrepparttar 144774 lower part ofrepparttar 144775 body, includingrepparttar 144776 legs and hips. A transfer of weight will take place from back to front withrepparttar 144777 knees, thighs and hips all moving forward.

The perfect golf swing drill ends withrepparttar 144778 body weight onrepparttar 144779 outside ofrepparttar 144780 front heel andrepparttar 144781 inside ofrepparttar 144782 rear foot.

Perfect golf swing drill is easy when your body is prepared and conditioned to achieve it. However perfect golf swing drill can be very difficult for a golfer not involved in any golf specific exercise designed to condition and prepare their muscles and body in general forrepparttar 144783 strain and pressure that golf usually brings.

Vive Les Chats! Australian Football Expatriate Life

Written by Ron. A. Welsh

Vive Les Chats !

Paris is a truly wonderful city. There may be none more beautiful or with more character inrepparttar world. However, as an Aussie, one vital ingredient tragically lacking inrepparttar 144766 host of entertainment this city has to offer, is real footy coverage, which does not exist at all.

The "Frogs" don't know what they are missing! I'm not talking aboutrepparttar 144767 world venerated soccer variety or those super-padded, over-paid, U.S. gridiron heroes and especially not that "throw yourself atrepparttar 144768 turf" game they call rugby. I'm talking real footy here,repparttar 144769 great Australian game which is without doubtrepparttar 144770 best spectator sport inrepparttar 144771 world by a mile and a half.

I shouldn't have read Buddha's biography I suppose. It has only made my thirst for footy andrepparttar 144772 Cats' brand ofrepparttar 144773 great game in particular, more intense. Though I was grateful when David (one of my five brothers living in Geelong, who I keep annoying for Cats replays) brought it over to me in Paris a few weeks ago from "Sleepy Hollow," along with some videos of recent Cats games.

While I was intent on watchingrepparttar 144774 videos our "free-loader" visitors wanted to get out and seerepparttar 144775 sights of Paris,repparttar 144776 magnificence ofrepparttar 144777 Eiffel Tower,repparttar 144778 Champs Elysees, grandest of allrepparttar 144779 worlds' Grand Avenues and Saint Chapel, where glorious tall stained glass windows surround you. But hey, I had my priorities sorted out; I just wanted to settle down with a baguette, a bottle of French red and watchrepparttar 144780 footy.

I needed to update my memory banks with a "footy fix." I needed to get to knowrepparttar 144781 players again, catch up on allrepparttar 144782 excitement,repparttar 144783 skill and raw talent. Follow those super-fit and dedicated sportsmen, playingrepparttar 144784 most skillful game on earth. But no, Wendy dedicated shopper and very dear sister-in-law that she is and Denise my supposedly Aussie, but footy-apathetic wife wanted to go shopping in Paris. Women. As someone once said, we sure do love them, but who amongrepparttar 144785 male species can ever understand them?

Denise and I had been living in Paris for almost two years. Whilerepparttar 144786 experience had been fantastic and we were thoroughly in love withrepparttar 144787 City of Light, enough is enough mate.

French cable TV carries endless, absolutely dead boring, English cooking shows (ye olde BBC) plus a plethora of even more mind-numbing house and garden decoration shows, news and...darn little else.

CNN repeatsrepparttar 144788 same old, same old, hour after hour and on French TV they speak their exquisite language at a zillion miles an hour and detestrepparttar 144789 English language with a passion. They would never understandrepparttar 144790 complexity ofrepparttar 144791 footy anyway.

My memories of growing up in Geelong with footy asrepparttar 144792 Welsh family staple diet were triggered by Bhudda's writings. Like so many other Geelong kids, we played footy every chance we had. At school, forrepparttar 144793 local club, inrepparttar 144794 street andrepparttar 144795 back lane, anywhere we could. Our six sisters often maderepparttar 144796 backyard team as well - just to make uprepparttar 144797 numbers, mind you.

We lapped up allrepparttar 144798 footy culture we could and it will stay with us all our lives, no matter where we are. It is something that resides in my bloodstream along with a fair dose of Bordeaux by now. Hey, this is France after all !

I was atrepparttar 144799 "G" with dad and a hoard of other Welshes in '63 whenrepparttar 144800 mighty Cats beat Hawthorn, and I cried with sheer joy. I was also there at Kardinia Park onrepparttar 144801 Sunday morning to buryrepparttar 144802 hawk. I cried again. Great times for a twelve year old.

These fond memories came flooding back, when I eagerly watched those tapes in Paris and read Bhudda's story. I realized yet again what a great tradition we have in this game and what heroesrepparttar 144803 dedicated guys who play it are. I also realized just how much these traditions mean to me and what I have missed out on overrepparttar 144804 years we have lived overseas.

I wondered how many people in Geelong really appreciated what they have. A lifestyle most people inrepparttar 144805 world would envy, in a country still seen as at least a lucky country, if not THE luckiest with a sporting tradition and sense of fair play that reverberates aroundrepparttar 144806 world.

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