Achieving Success With Affiliate Programs

Written by Angela Wu

No product... not even a product idea. What's a would-be online entrepreneur to do?

For many beginners, affiliate programs seem like a dream come true: earn a commission selling another company's products or services. No need to create one of your own! What's even better is that you only have to place a couple of banners or links on your website, and this hot product will sell itself! Right?

No. Just like with any other online business, earning money from affiliate programs requires education and experience with Internet marketing. Affiliate programs are a great way to learnrepparttar basics of marketing online. Although it's repparttar 102517 rare person who makes a significant full-time income from them, many people find that they provide an excellent supplementary income stream.

Many newbies torepparttar 102518 'net are so eager to get started that they sign up with every affiliate program that looks good to them. They advertise like crazy, often spend hundreds of dollars -- only to be disappointed at their complete lack of sales.

So what does it take to make money with an affiliate program? Here are a few key tips ...

__Make Smart Choices.

To get started, choose only one or two high-quality programs that are a good fit with your website audience. For example, if you're running a crafts website, don't advertise technical software.

One or two programs will provide you with plenty of work to begin with. More than that and you may find yourself frantically trying to promote too many and having little success. It's better to start earning money with a couple of good programs first, then gradually add additional income streams later on.

You may also find, over time, that your audience responds to a certain type of product and not to others. Test different offers to see which ones your audience like best.

__Don't Rely on Your Downline.

2-tier affiliate programs offer additional commissions everytime someone in your 'downline' makes a sale. Your 'downline' are those people you refer torepparttar 102519 program who also become affiliates.

The 'No Mailing List' Solution To Affiliate Profits

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

There are lots of excellent affiliate programs out there and even lots more affiliates. Butrepparttar average guy hardly holds more than 3 sales to his name. All those top ranking marketing courses and ebooks advise you to have your own mailing list- 'hot leads' as they call them. But to be able to develop one responsive list you need to be a 'mini guru' yourself. It takes lots of dedication, time and ‘appetite’ to be able to build such a list.

Frankly,repparttar 102516 average Joe hopped onrepparttar 102517 internet inrepparttar 102518 first place to be able to grab some ofrepparttar 102519 gold floating around cyberspace and earn some extra 'grub' anonymously...

Yes usingrepparttar 102520 anonymity of a faceless email and without allrepparttar 102521 hassles of an ordinary business... building a 'mailing list' is simply a non-attainable goal.

Other Stumbling blocks are:

- Loss of affiliate revenue due to affiliate link theft.

- Non acceptance of affiliate links by search engines.

- Loss of advertising revenue - Even thoughrepparttar 102522 program claims for eg. 'sales copy is so good every 6th person is signing up or buying' –repparttar 102523 affiliate orders guaranteed hits using traffic exchanges only to be disappointed or feel a temporary elation with a few sales...

All that advertising simply helps to create a 'buzz' aboutrepparttar 102524 program with no positive impact torepparttar 102525 affiliate...

Rarely if ever does anyone buy on a first visit torepparttar 102526 site and byrepparttar 102527 time they have been 'buzzed into hypnotic action' to buy, it’s definitely not fromrepparttar 102528 first, second or even third sites they visited. Also they usually buy from someone who has an 'up-sell' offer, someone to whose mailing list they already belong or someone they have come to trust.

All is not lost however, you can masterrepparttar 102529 affiliate game yet... Without a mailing list.

So lets get started:

1. Prepare an independent web page for each affiliate program with

- A magnetically irresistible title;

- followed by a bulleted list of benefits using ‘grab them byrepparttar 102530 gut’ writing.

- A link torepparttar 102531 programs testimonial page.

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