Achieving Recognition at Work

Written by Scott Brown


There is an employee where I work who whines when she 2 things going on simultaneously. Although her hours are 8:30 -5:00, she shows up anywhere from 9:30 to nearly 2:00, and spends hours on personal phone calls and playing around. Meanwhile, I consistently come in to work at 8:00 and don't leave until 5:00 or even later, often eating lunch at my desk to get even more work done. But somehow she ended up getting a bonus this year when I did not. I don't get it!

- J. S.

Dear J.S.,

I totally understand your frustration!

Working hard alone does not necessarily get you better pay and recognition. A big part of succeeding within most organizations is also playingrepparttar political game. If you work hard butrepparttar 139199 people who matter don't know you're working hard or don't understand what benefit you're providing, it might go unnoticed.

Fromrepparttar 139200 situation you described, I would imagine your co-worker who comes in late is much better at "managing" her managers. Her managers may even think she's doing a great job and that she should be allowed to come in late because she's a "star." Think about it: if you thought you had Michael Jordan on your team, would you let him come in late? Sure! You'd probably also give him a bonus because you wouldn't want to lose him.

Someone who works long hours might just be viewed as a worker bee. And ifrepparttar 139201 important people don't know what benefit you're providing from those long hours of work, they may just think you're inefficient and can't get things done within regular work hours. I know it sounds cruel, but this is howrepparttar 139202 game works in Corporate America.


1. Don't treatrepparttar 139203 job like it's your only hope of success inrepparttar 139204 world. If you treat a job like you're dependent on it and like it's your only chance of success, your bosses will notice and may interpret your earnestness as desperation. If they think you have no other options, they really have no incentive to pay you more money or to give you a bonus. If they thinkrepparttar 139205 job you have now isrepparttar 139206 best you can do, they'll likely take you for granted. You should be generally aware of other job opportunities at all times. I don't mean you need to be aware of specific jobs, but you should have a general idea of what else is available out there.

If you find yourself in a position where there are no other attractive options out there based on your current skills and experience, your #1 priority should be to enhance your skills and/or experience to change that. This may mean taking college classes at night. It might mean volunteering for special projects at work so that you can get experience with a new system or new skill. To accessrepparttar 139207 JobSearchInfo Education and Skills center, visit this web address:

Being the Candidate Recruiters Want to Talk To

Written by Scott Brown

Finding people through job sites can seem like a daunting task for many recruiters. If you reply to a recruiter's job listing on one ofrepparttar popular job sites like Monster, HotJobs or CareerBuilder, chances are you'll be one of 200 or more people responding. Most recruiters will only look throughrepparttar 139198 first 20 or so resumes. As we've mentioned in previous articles, one way to distinguish yourself when replying to a job ad is to use a unique and catchy subject forrepparttar 139199 email message.


Another way to increase your odds of being selected by a recruiter, which can be even more powerful, is by taking steps to increaserepparttar 139200 chances your resume will be found when recruiters searchrepparttar 139201 job sites. The best way to do this is to optimize your resume for keywords recruiters might be searching for. Because there are so many resumes onrepparttar 139202 job sites, many recruiters use complex boolean search strings to try to find someone who matchesrepparttar 139203 job description they're trying to fill. Just as an example, let's sayrepparttar 139204 jobrepparttar 139205 recruiter is trying to fill calls for an administrative assistant who can write letters, edit spreadsheets and handle email and scheduling. The recruiter might search for "Word and Excel and Outlook and administrative assistant." The resume that will come up first will probably berepparttar 139206 one that mentions those 4 thingsrepparttar 139207 most. Guess what happens to an administrative assistant who knows Outlook but didn't mention it on his/her resume? They wouldn't even come up inrepparttar 139208 search.

Especially during an economic downturn, many companies ask recruiters to find people who can essentially handlerepparttar 139209 tasks of what might have previously been more than one position. Sorepparttar 139210 recruiter may be looking for someone who primarily has one set of skills, but who also has another set of skills that most people withrepparttar 139211 first skillset don't have. Many recruiters and HR people are not familiar enough withrepparttar 139212 positions they recruit for to know thatrepparttar 139213 skill combinationrepparttar 139214 company's seeking is unlikely to exist in a single person. So they take onrepparttar 139215 task of searching for someone withrepparttar 139216 wide range of skillsrepparttar 139217 hiring manager is seeking. When they find someone who mentions allrepparttar 139218 skills on their resume and whose current and prior job titles fit withrepparttar 139219 job they're trying to fill, they're excited and eager to recruit that person! This puts you,repparttar 139220 job candidate, in a much better position than being one of several hundred people replying to a job listing.

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