Achieving Lift Off

Written by Allan Wilson


The Hardest Part Is Getting Started

Written by Allan Wilson

The theme andrepparttar name for this article was taken from a story someone told me about space travel.

You see when it comes to getting a rocket into spacerepparttar 117730 hardest part is inrepparttar 117731 Lift Off and breaking free ofrepparttar 117732 earth's gravity.

This is usuallyrepparttar 117733 most anxious time for all involved. Countless hours and many people have been working behindrepparttar 117734 scenes to get this rocket into space.

Finallyrepparttar 117735 tense moments ofrepparttar 117736 count down begins. 10... 9... 8... and so on until off it goes andrepparttar 117737 announcement is made "We Have Lift Off!"

Thenrepparttar 117738 struggle begins forrepparttar 117739 rocket to get offrepparttar 117740 ground. This rocket could have a journey, which will last many years in space, yet most ofrepparttar 117741 power and fuel used will be in just getting started.

As it struggles to leave earth's atmosphere tanks of fuel are burned up and discarded before it reachesrepparttar 117742 first vital point of its journey - space.

Then something amazing happens. There is no more gravity. No more huge burst of energy and fuel needed. The steering ofrepparttar 117743 craft becomes much easier and everyone back home inrepparttar 117744 control center breath a huge sigh of relief.

The hardest part is over -repparttar 117745 rocket is in space.

Sure there is still work to be done. However compared torepparttar 117746 beginning everything now almost runs in automatic.

The Astronauts even have time to see our planet from space and enjoyrepparttar 117747 view.

Ezine Publishing As A Business

Written by Elena Fawkner

Ezine Publishing As A Business

2002 Elena Fawkner

If you have your own website, or are planning to create one soon, inrepparttar course of your research you will have read aboutrepparttar 117729 importance of publishing an ezine (electronic newsletter) as a way of generating traffic to your site.

-- Note to purists: yes I DO understand there is, strictly speaking, a difference between ezines and electronic newsletters but for our purposes it doesn't matter so don't write me. ;)

It's good advice. By capturingrepparttar 117730 email addresses of your site visitors (via an ezine sign-up form at your site), you can develop a mailing list to put yourself before time and time again, unless and until they ask to be removed. The idea is that by regularly sending your ezine to your list, your site visitors get to know you and, over time, come to trust you as an expert in your field. Assuming you do competent work, that is.

But ezine publishing can be a lot more than just a traffic generation tool - a means to an end. It can be an end unto itself. Your ezine can actually be a business in its own right.

How can an ezine be a paying proposition in itself? There are two ways - by accepting paid advertising and charging for subscription.

=> Advertising

When I started my ezine way back when in July 1999, I was just following conventional wisdom. I had created a web site byrepparttar 117731 same name and wanted to publish an ezine as a way of staying in touch with site visitors and reminding them to visit my site.

What ended up happening, though, is thatrepparttar 117732 ezine becamerepparttar 117733 central plank of my business andrepparttar 117734 website became secondary. Why? Well, first of all, I found that I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing articles and I enjoyed repparttar 117735 fact that other people actually got some benefit from my labors. But, beyond that, once I had amassed a subscriber database of 1,000 or so, people started asking me what my advertising rates were. I didn't have any. I had never really thought of my ezine as being a revenue generator in and of itself. The most I was hoping for was to remind readers to visit my site inrepparttar 117736 hope that, while there, they would place an order for one ofrepparttar 117737 affiliate programs I promoted thereby earning me a commission. Of course, I was also running ads for my own affiliate programs inrepparttar 117738 ezine which translated into income via commissions but, again,repparttar 117739 ezine was a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

When advertisers started approaching me, however, I soon changed my thinking and my focus and before long, I had on average ten to twelve advertisers wanting to run ads in my ezine, every single week.

So, quite quickly, accepting paid advertising in my ezine became a primary revenue source, certainly way ahead of anything else that was generating revenue for me atrepparttar 117740 time from my website.

Things have changed considerably for all ezine publishers from those heady days where ezine advertising was allrepparttar 117741 rage and demand for ezine advertising space outstripped supply. No longer do I publish a dozen ads in each issue. Now it's only five or so but paid advertising remains an important element of my business plan and it is still a very viable revenue generation model for you to use in your online business.

=> Paid Subscriptions

Just as ezine advertising has slowed down, paid subscription ezines are emerging asrepparttar 117742 next hot trend. More and more, repparttar 117743 concept of free content onrepparttar 117744 Internet is giving way to user pays and ezine publishing is no exception with ezine publishers beginning to charge for subscription to their ezines in lieu of (or in addition to) running paid ads.

For those who (for some reason) believe that everything onrepparttar 117745 Internet should be free (as long as they're notrepparttar 117746 ones who have to dorepparttar 117747 work for nothing, of course), this is, on a superficial level, probably bad news. But onrepparttar 117748 other hand, when someone is paying for content, it had better be worth it. Sorepparttar 117749 upside is that subscribers to paid ezines are more likely to be getting (and will demand) better quality content than they are used to fromrepparttar 117750 typical "free" ezine. In other words, you get what you pay for.

So what does all this mean for you,repparttar 117751 would-be Internet entrepreneur? Quite simply, if you're an expert in anything (and we all are) you can turn that knowledge intorepparttar 117752 foundation of an online business by publishing an ezine on that subject, including your own original articles on a regular basis (don't bother just regurgitating someone else's - if you're publishing them, so are others andrepparttar 117753 object ofrepparttar 117754 exericse is to make an original contribution) and either accepting paid advertising or charging subscribers a subscription fee.

All right then, how do I start an ezine?, I hear you say.

=> Come Up With a Great Idea

Don't waste your time (or everyone else's) publishing yet another Internet marketing ezine. How many ways are there to sayrepparttar 117755 same thing? They're a dime a dozen and worth even less. Dorepparttar 117756 hard work of coming up with something that's original and fresh, something that every man and his dog isn't already doing. It doesn't matter how specializedrepparttar 117757 subject matter -repparttar 117758 Internet audience is vast - you will attract your share of it. In fact,repparttar 117759 more targeted your audiencerepparttar 117760 better. Far, far better to have 500 devoted readers than 5,000 who may or may not even open, let alone read, your ezine.

(And don't believerepparttar 117761 naysayers who will try and convince you that because there are already so many ezines being published there is no room for you. There is ALWAYS room for quality original content and there always will be.)

=> Write a Few Articles

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