Achieve a better website by avoiding these 10 basic mistakes

Written by Matt Eliason

Ever since I started doing free website reviews, there have been some common elements where many ofrepparttar websites missrepparttar 131619 mark. Usually this is because webmasters forget to recognise that websites are a multi-faceted thing - a bit like an onion – with layer on layer of interdependent elements. If you miss an element, thenrepparttar 131620 integrity ofrepparttar 131621 site is put at risk.

The outcome of this can mean: §Not being found by search engines §Pages not being indexed because no other page links to them §Not ranking as highly as you should, §Confused site visitors who leave, §The site is just’Too hard’ §Potential customers do not develop trust with your site; so will not buy from you §Complete site rework required as a result of poor planning

Here are a couple of errors and suggested methods for improving them:

1.Not having a business model or plan in place. Many sites develop out of an idea; most have no business model in place. Often website owners are just letting their websites grow without thought as to how or even if there should be a way to generate income, and if income is to be generated how this can best be achieved. Butrepparttar 131622 business model need not be an income-generating model. You can also think of it as a ‘purpose and outcome’. If you are developing a site as a hobby, it still requires preplanning and thought.

2.Working withinrepparttar 131623 limitations of what your host provides Sometimes, especially when it is your first site, you may look at what your web host provides and build your site aroundrepparttar 131624 services provided by your web host. Ifrepparttar 131625 services on offer are limited, this may limitrepparttar 131626 scope of what you are trying to achieve. Better to plan your website and gatherrepparttar 131627 online tools to let you achieve what you want to do to build a site that meets you goals.

3.Not being clear on page on whatrepparttar 131628 site is about All too often pages are very ambiguous about whatrepparttar 131629 page is actually about. The worst situation is whenrepparttar 131630 home page does not provide a clear statement of purpose. I do not mean a Mission Statement, or other formal statement, but at least a paragraph that clearly explainsrepparttar 131631 reason or content ofrepparttar 131632 page. This does not need to be several paragraphs, one paragraph or even a long sentence. It can just be a solid tagline. It can take some skill and time to do this properly, butrepparttar 131633 results are worth it as your visitors will be quickly reassured that they are inrepparttar 131634 right place and will be prepared to spend time delving deeper. An additional benefit is written with a good keyword density, this text provides an excellent chunk of data for search engines.

4.Poorly written pages Not only doesrepparttar 131635 visual aspect of your website influence how people perceive your business, so doesrepparttar 131636 text. Poorly written sentences, spelling mistakes or typos all contrive to say, “The business behind this site has not been careful with this, it won’t be careful with your business either”. Impressions are important and this extends right down to every single word on every page. Spend time on writing and rewriting text. If you feel you cannot get it right, get help.

Getting a Google Page Rank 3 in Six Months

Written by Geraldine Jensen

I enteredrepparttar world of website ownership in July of 2004. I did a Google search for “websites for sale” and found that e-Bay was a big seller. I had learned some web programming asrepparttar 131616 acting webmaster for a non-profit organization. My training consisted of reading, Learning Web Design: A Beginners Guide to HTML, Graphics and Beyond by Jennifer Neiderst.

Many websites are for sale on e-Bay. After watchingrepparttar 131617 ads for a couple of weeks I decided to buy three sites: a diet site (, a travel site (, and a web tools reseller site ( My choice was based onrepparttar 131618 domain names,repparttar 131619 product being sold, andrepparttar 131620 sense they were good products to sell. I had read an article that said search engines were more likely to index and rank a website whererepparttar 131621 product or topic was part ofrepparttar 131622 domain name. My total investment was less than $300. The diet site was a drop-shipping business and requiredrepparttar 131623 most time. The travel site was an affiliate so no web programming was needed, only advertising. The web tools site required some web programing. I decided that a few additional web tools to sell would be good, so back to e-Bay I went to purchase more software to sell.

Next came submittingrepparttar 131624 sites to search engines. I found where you can submit sites for free---this definitely fit my budget. I also hand-submittedrepparttar 131625 sites to Dmoz, Yahoo (free), AltaVista and any other directories I could find. I found, a directory of directories and submittedrepparttar 131626 sites to as many ofrepparttar 131627 directories as possible. I also began to do searches based onrepparttar 131628 keywords of my websites and did addrepparttar 131629 url, or submit site, or exchange links to those who offered it. I figured that people searching for my product were likely to findrepparttar 131630 same sites I found.

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