Ace Abs Without Crunches, Cradles, Or Sit-ups!

Written by Tim Webb

I know what many of you are thinking readingrepparttar title of this article. I also thoughtrepparttar 140777 same once. It cannot be done! Attaining a stronger, visible, set of abdominal muscles has always been a common goal in people’s fitness training programmes and yet, paradoxically, many (most) of these people never actually achieve this goal.

Being involved inrepparttar 140778 fitness industry I seerepparttar 140779 same problem over and over again. The problem can be spelled out like this.


Now, while there is nothing innately wrong with abdominal equipment, it does bring with it a whole host of potential problems. One ofrepparttar 140780 most prominent is that people simply do not userepparttar 140781 equipment correctly. Another is that they erroneously believe that somehowrepparttar 140782 machine will do halfrepparttar 140783 job for them!

A third problem is that to some extent abdominal cradles, andrepparttar 140784 assortment of similar cradle designs, are essentially lifting your head for you thus eliminatingrepparttar 140785 need for that much effort.

There is a way to workrepparttar 140786 abdominal region however that requires little movement, but that is highly effective, asrepparttar 140787 emphasis is purely on you to put inrepparttar 140788 effort without a machine in sight!

This method involvesrepparttar 140789 use of deep focused breathing whilst squeezing (with varying degrees of intensity) your abdominal muscle. To some it seems too simple and yet, performed daily and with gusto, it is a wonderfully natural and invigorating exercise that promotes tighter abdominals and, as an added bonus, aids in strengtheningrepparttar 140790 internal organs.

How to survive seasonal allergies and ensure continued asthma relief

Written by David Kane

Copyright 2005 David Kane

Spring is inrepparttar air and so arerepparttar 140776 allergens. Overrepparttar 140777 next few months grasses, trees and weeds will release huge quantities of pollen intorepparttar 140778 air as part of their reproductive cycle. For those suffering from allergic asthma or seasonal allergies it is a time when symptoms worsen, eyes water and noses run.

The most common advice given to those allergic to pollen is to remain indoors when pollen release occurs. However this happens at different times for different plants. On warm and sunny days most grasses release pollen from early morning onwards. On damp morningsrepparttar 140779 release will be delayed untilrepparttar 140780 ground moisture evaporates. Some species of grass release their pollen inrepparttar 140781 afternoon, so if you are allergic to several types you may not get a window of avoidance at any time of day.

Even with an allergy to only one type of pollen, it can affect you despite your efforts to avoidrepparttar 140782 time and area where pollen release occurs. Asrepparttar 140783 day draws to a close cooling pollen-carrying air falls towardsrepparttar 140784 ground. This can lead to sufferers experiencing problems duringrepparttar 140785 night. Wind-blown pollen can travel great distances. Ragweed can spread so far that it has even been detected 400 miles out to sea.

If you can identifyrepparttar 140786 pollen that triggers your symptoms you can try to plan your day accordingly. You can get a clue fromrepparttar 140787 time of year that you experience problems. Tree pollen is usually released inrepparttar 140788 spring, grass pollen in late spring and early summer, and weed pollens in late summer into autumn. A doctor can organise tests to further narrow downrepparttar 140789 culprit. Having identifiedrepparttar 140790 offending pollen try to remain indoors when it is being released.

Try to keep track ofrepparttar 140791 pollen count in your area. Rememberrepparttar 140792 pollen count is usually takenrepparttar 140793 day before it is broadcast. Rain or cool weather can reducerepparttar 140794 count. Hot weather or short thunderstorms can increase it. Plants tend to retain their pollen on cloudy days, so expect a higher than average release onrepparttar 140795 next sunny day.

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