Accredited Life Experience Degrees – Accelerate your Progress Online

Written by Katie Robbins

Chances are you are pursuing an online degree to reap benefits inrepparttar workplace. For this reason, you may be interested in accelerating your progress to get your degree faster. This article will explain seven ways to finish your degree faster. Keep in mind that you will work harder to finish faster and must be willing to make this commitment.

Check with an admissions counselor to see if you qualify forrepparttar 137568 Credit for Life Experience Program (CLEP). Experience inrepparttar 137569 business world can translate into college credits with this program. You will have to show documentation of your work experience. The school will verify this experience to determine how it fits into your degree program in terms of college credit. The credits you receive from this program can shortenrepparttar 137570 time you spend earning your degree. This program isn’t offered at all schools or for all degree programs.

The Proficiency Exam Program (PEP) is similar to CLEP. This program allows students to earn college credit for independent study or other training received without college credit. You may have learnedrepparttar 137571 subject matter in another forum and not need to takerepparttar 137572 class. You will have to show documentation and pass an exam to qualify for credits with PEP.

Many online universities offer shorter semesters. Some will give yourepparttar 137573 choice between six, eight and ten week semesters. Shorter semesters allow you to take more classes throughoutrepparttar 137574 year. Keep in mind that these shorter semesters still carryrepparttar 137575 same requirements. The work load will be more intense, butrepparttar 137576 time period will be shorter. Be sure you haverepparttar 137577 time to devote before you choose shorter semesters. The pace is faster and you will need to work faster to keep up.

Distance Learning Degree Program – How to Study

Written by Katie Robbins

The format of distance learning courses is different than what most students have experienced. The teaching style is more student directed and you will have to become accustomed to these differences. Distance learning relies heavily on technology. If you aren't computer and internet savvy, you will need to learn new skills, in addition to your coursework. Look for classes or workshops on computers andrepparttar internet. These are often available in public libraries or community centers. You may feel overwhelmed atrepparttar 137567 thought of taking another class, butrepparttar 137568 time you spend learning to userepparttar 137569 technology will save you time inrepparttar 137570 long run.

Most colleges offer support for new students. Some schools may have orientation sessions atrepparttar 137571 start of a new semester. If your school offers this, plan on attending. You will gain valuable information aboutrepparttar 137572 structure ofrepparttar 137573 course andrepparttar 137574 technology used. Instructors often give advice for organizing your time at these sessions. In addition, you will get a feel forrepparttar 137575 teacher's expectations. Most schools offer tutorials to help you learn to userepparttar 137576 online classroom and other software used in distance learning programs.

Research papers are common assignments in both traditional and distance learning college courses. Utilizerepparttar 137577 resources offered by your college to help complete necessary research. Ifrepparttar 137578 school is in driving distance from your home, take advantage ofrepparttar 137579 college library. Other colleges may allow you to use their library with a student ID from your school. Many schools offer an online library database. Learn to userepparttar 137580 database to save time when researching. Quite a bit of research can be done online, which can save you time as well.

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