Accountability In Government

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

The government isrepparttar biggest employer inrepparttar 113516 world. They hire and maintain more employees than any other organization in history.

The question is whetherrepparttar 113517 elected officials (who are really employees of every person in their jurisdiction, voted into office to representrepparttar 113518 concerns ofrepparttar 113519 voter) andrepparttar 113520 employees ofrepparttar 113521 government are accountable torepparttar 113522 same standards and common practices that all other workers are. This is food for thought.

When you contact any government office, are you prepared to receive an autorespond answer thanking you for your time and input but then never hear from them again? Do you picture that wastebasket file drawer just underrepparttar 113523 e-mail printer ready to accept any and all messages? Is this something you can take with you torepparttar 113524 polling place whenrepparttar 113525 important time comes to pick and choose those that you want to represent you and what you would like to seerepparttar 113526 nation, your state, or your local government achieve? Most emphatically, yes.

If any government official (elected or just hired) does not offerrepparttar 113527 common courtesy of an answer to questions and concerns, then there is always someone inrepparttar 113528 wing who is also capable and would appreciaterepparttar 113529 general public enough to offer them this small token of value. Too busy-too many requests? In this type of position, it comes withrepparttar 113530 territory. It is part ofrepparttar 113531 job-description, and no voter should ever be given a pat-automatic response that everyone knows leads to nowhere but to that inevitable file drawer just beneathrepparttar 113532 computer printer.

Accountability seems to grow less and less in those who become too comfortable in their positions and feel that they are unbeatable and in permanent employment. As there is no work security inrepparttar 113533 private sector, may those in public office also remember that there is no job security in government either.

Make Your Vote Count

Written by Arleen M.Kaptur

Election time inrepparttar United States is fast approaching. Choices need to be made and votes cast. Inrepparttar 113515 scheme of things - there are winners and losers.

Inrepparttar 113516 cold, hard factual world,repparttar 113517 voters are not alwaysrepparttar 113518 victors -repparttar 113519 candidates are not alwaysrepparttar 113520 best forrepparttar 113521 job.

How do voters make a truly educated choice or do most get swayed by "popularity" or what their neighbor of favorite group feel isrepparttar 113522 best way to go? By now, there is an influx of information that could leave a paper trail torepparttar 113523 distant planets and back - so many words - chosen carefully but not always relayingrepparttar 113524 truth. So what is a conscientious voter suppose to do when faced with advertisements and commercials aimed at changing your mind if you are not with their program or choice of candidate? Look atrepparttar 113525 person - not his/her personal appearance or outward demeanor butrepparttar 113526 real person. Do they have a record of accomplishing what they set out to do, are their motives directed at improvements for their constituents and not for their own personal profit and are they sincere, trustworthy, and, more importantly, accessible? Do they respond to voters inquiries when camera crews and newspaper reporters are not around, and do they reply or at least acknowledge requests, questions, and concerns, no matter how trivial or inconsequential?

Our government leaders have tight schedules and busy to-do lists - but are their voters' concerns, needs and problems on that list? Do they voicerepparttar 113527 opinions and concerns ofrepparttar 113528 people or of commitments made to lobbyists whose bankrolls made everyday workers' payrolls look anemic?

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