Accident attorney - Should you hire one?

Written by David G. Hallstrom

The following article was written for Resources For by David Hallstrom, a private investigator, he is not now nor has he ever been an attorney.

You have been in a accident, automobile, slip and fall, workplace, etc.. Should you see or speak with an attorney?

As far as I am concerned,repparttar answer is always yes.

When should you consult with an accident attorney? You should seekrepparttar 119287 advise of an accident attorney as soon as possible afterrepparttar 119288 accident. Do not wait. You could be giving up certain rights. You should definetly speak with an attorney before speaking withrepparttar 119289 other sides insurance agent, adjuster or attorney.

You say that you can not afford an attorney. Most accident attorneys will consult with you for free and, if they take your case, will handle it on a contingency basis, not taking any fee untillrepparttar 119290 case is settled. Most settlements are increased to coverrepparttar 119291 cost ofrepparttar 119292 attorney and therefore normallyrepparttar 119293 attorney costs you nothing. Many attorneys will also advance all court costs for you if they are forced to file suit.

You say that you were injured, however,repparttar 119294 insurance company has offered to pay your medical bills and you do not feel it is right to take advantage of them by asking for additional money for your, pain, suffering, lost work, etc.. Don't you feel that you as a person are worth something? Do you think so little of yourself that you feel that your pain, suffering, inconvience, etc. is worthless. You did not cause this accident. What you are going through was caused by someone else. You deserve to be compensated. The insurance company, as a matter of good business, has already built these types of costs intorepparttar 119295 premiums that they charge their customers. Ifrepparttar 119296 money does not go to you it will probably go to their shareholders or to increased salaries or ?. Why shouldn't you be properly compensated. Remember most good attorneys are ethical and although they will attempt to obtain as much money for you as is due, they will not take your case unless they feel that it is proper.

You say someone else admitted liability and said that their insurance will pay all your damages. That's great, however, what ifrepparttar 119297 person changes his or her story later on and says that you were at fault. Or what ifrepparttar 119298 other side's insurance company refuses to pay what you think is proper. In fact, how do you know what is proper? Remember, an insurance company may pay claims, but it is in business to make money. It normally will not offer one dollar more than it has to and if you are not represented by an attorneyrepparttar 119299 insurance company adjuster or attorney may feel that he or she can "get away" with paying much less thanrepparttar 119300 claim may be worth. Additionally, what people state atrepparttar 119301 time of an accident is not always what they state after having spoken with a friend, insurance agent or attorney. Finally, an insurance adjuster or insurance attorney works forrepparttar 119302 insurance company, not for you. How do you know that what they are telling you is correct or true. Remember, in most instances, they are there to try and saverepparttar 119303 company money. You need an attorney on your side to tell you what your rights and obligations are.

Anatomy of a Chinese Debt Collection

Written by Zhao Xiomei

Introduction In late June of 2003, I received an e-mail from Daniel Harris, who introduced himself as maritime lawyer from Seattle. He had found me throughrepparttar internet and was asking me whether I was interested in helping arrest transshipped cargo in Dalian. I was excited aboutrepparttar 119286 task and I surfed Dan's website and learned Dan owns a small international law firm in Seattle, called Harris & Moure ( I replied to him immediately and sent him some relevant provisions concerning cargo arrests under China legal system. He was very happy with my prompt and helpful reply and we soon were working together onrepparttar 119287 case. He later told me he was so impressed with my responses that he had picked me over numerous other lawyers throughout China.

Brief ofrepparttar 119288 case OOO Bolshoretskoe is a Russian fishing company that sold 400 Tons of pollock worth around US$700,000 to Alimex Seafood A/S, a Danish company. The pollock was scheduled to be transshipped from Dalian to Europe. Alimex had not yet paid Bolshoretskoe forrepparttar 119289 product. Bolshoretskoe owed Daxin Petroleum Pte, Ltd., a Singapore fuel supply company, around US$400,000 for fuel. M/V IVAN POLZUNOV,repparttar 119290 vessel carryingrepparttar 119291 pollock, was scheduled to call on Dalian on 4 July, 2003. Our task was to seizerepparttar 119292 pollock for Daxin to get Bolshoretskoe to pay its debt.

Bolshoretskoe's debt to Daxin arose in July and December, 2002, when Daxin supplied bunker products for two Russian fishing vessels, TOSNO and PHOENIX. To secure these fuelings, Bolshoretskoe signed a guarantee letter to Daxin in which "Bolshoretskoe assigns all receivables resulting from production, deliveries and selling of Salmon or Pollock on/from board of F/T PHOENIX in favor of Daxin forrepparttar 119293 amount ofrepparttar 119294 bunker supply. In addition, Bolshoretskoe agrees that property title to salmon or pollock products coveringrepparttar 119295 amount ofrepparttar 119296 bunker shall pass to Daxin immediately upon processing and/or storage ofrepparttar 119297 products on board of PHOENIX.

Daxin was not paid on its two fuel deliveries, and Bolshoretskoe was refusing to pay. It is estimatedrepparttar 119298 TOSNO and PHOENIX owed a combined total of around $20 million in unpaid debt to various creditors.

Intensive and orderly preparation for cargo arrest After studyingrepparttar 119299 relevant documents and analyzingrepparttar 119300 entire history ofrepparttar 119301 case, we determined that either Bolshoretskoe or Alimex would pay Daxin if we arrestedrepparttar 119302 cargo in China. So we set about to do just that.

First, we prepared all necessary legal documents pursuant to Chinese law. Due torepparttar 119303 various different legal systems and languages involved (China, Russia, Singapore andrepparttar 119304 United States), our preparations were extremely time consuming. As we were preparing our documentation and firming up our strategies, Dan was also preparing to come to Dalian.

However,repparttar 119305 day before Dan was to leaverepparttar 119306 United States, he learned thatrepparttar 119307 pollock's transport vessel,repparttar 119308 IVAN POLZUNOV, had secretly changed its plans in an effort to avoid arrest. It would not be calling Dalian on July 4, 2003; it would be calling Qingdao on July 8, 2003. Because all legal documents had been prepared forrepparttar 119309 Dalian Maritime Court, Bolshoretskoe's change in plans necessitated we completely change our plans also. With time so much ofrepparttar 119310 essence, we asked Sunfanlong, who works in Qingdao Wincon law firm, to work with us and we transferred all legal documents to him.

Successful Arrest ofrepparttar 119311 cargo On July 7, 2003, Dan arrived in Qingdao. The IVAN POLZUNOV arrived in Qingdaorepparttar 119312 next day and began to discharge 15 containers of pollock for transshipment to Europe. Whenrepparttar 119313 judge, Wincon's lawyer and Dan saw thatrepparttar 119314 containers were being offloaded on trailers for transport torepparttar 119315 container terminal, they went straight torepparttar 119316 terminal to deliverrepparttar 119317 arrest papers on all 15 containers. However, after waiting nearly five hours atrepparttar 119318 terminal and waiting well intorepparttar 119319 night, only three containers had arrived and been arrested. Nobody seemed to know what had happened torepparttar 119320 other twelve containers. We were concerned Bolshoretskoe and/or Alimex had learned of our arrest warrant and had hiddenrepparttar 119321 other twelve containers. Adding to our worries was that we had by now learned that Alimex was to ship all 15 containers to Europerepparttar 119322 very next day. We checked everywhere forrepparttar 119323 missing twelve containers. We checked with various trucking companies. We checked all aroundrepparttar 119324 terminal. Nothing. Eventually, we learned thatrepparttar 119325 twelve containers had been inrepparttar 119326 terminal all along, but had been issued separate bills of lading fromrepparttar 119327 first three and placed in a somewhat separate area. We had succeeded in arresting all fifteen containers.

After our having engaged in twelve days of intensive e-mail and telephone communication together, Dan showed up at Dalian's airport. His high praise of our work conveyed his satisfaction of our efficient job. Dalian and Qingdao's picturesque scenery and modern city construction impressed Dan deeply and changed his previous imagination regarding this part of China. He lovedrepparttar 119328 food and our culture and talked about returning some day with his family on holiday.

Hard success to acquire guaranty and liftrepparttar 119329 arrest Now that we hadrepparttar 119330 pollock under arrest, we would need to maintain it in its frozen condition atrepparttar 119331 terminal. Pollock is a valuable fish andrepparttar 119332 costs and risks duringrepparttar 119333 arrest period were high. The sooner we could resolverepparttar 119334 dispute,repparttar 119335 soonerrepparttar 119336 fish would be on its way, andrepparttar 119337 better it would be for all parties.

The day after we arrestedrepparttar 119338 cargo, we received a letter from Alimex's lawyers in Denmark, claiming Alimex ownedrepparttar 119339 arrested cargo, not Bolshoretskoe, and threatening Daxin with criminal action. Alimex's lawyers copied this letter torepparttar 119340 court and to Daxin. Though confident that it was inrepparttar 119341 right, this threat of criminal action did not sit well with Daxin. We replied to Alimex's lawyers by lecturing them on Chinese and international law and by declaring that Alimex would suffer even more losses if it insisted on pursuing litigation in China instead of cooperation. The reaction from Alimex's lawyers was overwhelming. They wrote me a letter filled with furious and derogatory words and stated they would never communicate directly with us again. The case had fallen into deadlock.

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