Accessories – the finishing touches for a home

Written by Elizabeth Ray

Accessories arerepparttar finishing touches that make your house a home. Just as purses, shoes, scarves and ties enhancerepparttar 147112 look of an outfit home accessories take your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Accessories include flowers, baskets, bowls, books, candles, plants, pictures, mirrors, sculptures and vases. When choosing decorative items for a room, pick pieces that will matchrepparttar 147113 style and color ofrepparttar 147114 room. For example isrepparttar 147115 room traditional, contemporary, country or decorated in an ethnic style.

It is best to group accessories in odd numbers, such as ones, threes and fives, while also having a variation inrepparttar 147116 height of objects. For example, an end table next to a sofa or chair can have a lamp for reading, a pot of flowers and a knick knack as a grouping.

Pictures should be hung so thatrepparttar 147117 center ofrepparttar 147118 picture is at eye level, approximately 60 inches fromrepparttar 147119 floor. Artwork should be no more than 8 to 10 inches aboverepparttar 147120 back of a couch. Large artwork will act as a focal point; it can be hung over a couch, behindrepparttar 147121 dining set, over a fireplace or on a feature wall. Small artwork can be grouped together using similar or matching frames and matting to makerepparttar 147122 grouping more pleasing. Arrangerepparttar 147123 grouping onrepparttar 147124 floor first and hang after you are satisfied withrepparttar 147125 look.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Written by Thomas Jay Wacker

Ever sincerepparttar dawn of human kind, there have been those who looked torepparttar 146991 stars. Looking in wonder and awe… Inspired by curiosity, dreamers would build and invent new and better ways to sleep. Likerepparttar 146992 visionaries of NASA’s space program that developedrepparttar 146993 first memory foam mattress. The point was to helprepparttar 146994 boldest of stargazers, to reachrepparttar 146995 heavens with a restful night's sleep.

NASA called upon allrepparttar 146996 inventors and innovators they could inrepparttar 146997 early 70’s, and many things never before dreamed of, became reality. What would help these courageous souls overcomerepparttar 146998 frontiers of space and boldly go where know one had ever gone before? Imagination… And from their imaginations came memory foam mattresses. For a long time it was thought that mattresses made from memory foam could dorepparttar 146999 trick… But that was notrepparttar 147000 calling of this exquisite invention, but ratherrepparttar 147001 realm of commercially bought and sold mattresses to consumers here on earth!

Not only have they revolutionizedrepparttar 147002 earthling’s way of sleeping, but they themselves have generated a whole new dimension of creativity. Things like, size, weight, density, design and dynamics are but a few ofrepparttar 147003 qualities found in a memory foam mattress, but how have they been used? Memory foam was not used inrepparttar 147004 NASA program, true, but a lot of things weren’t, that just means that it found its way into more important fields.

Takerepparttar 147005 field of medicine, for example. In Sweden, a genius came up with this wonderful idea to userepparttar 147006 memory foam mattress for patients with back pain problems. The idea was that since memory foam mattresses conform themselves torepparttar 147007 sleepers body, without creating pressure point resistance, then they would work wonders on people with similarly related problems, such as pressure sores.

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