Accent lighting - Adding the right touch to your home lighting

Written by Nicole Martins

Accent lighting - With highly functional task lighting, spaces likerepparttar laundry room are brightly lit so that you can seerepparttar 144787 whites versusrepparttar 144788 darks. However, such bright light does not create a soft mood or add drama; for this you choose accent lightings.

Accentrepparttar 144789 mood with wall dimming options

First stop in creating mood and accent aroundrepparttar 144790 home is to incorporate wall dimmers to light fixtures, including ceiling mounts and chandeliers. This approach is very commonplace and gives you options to fully accentuaterepparttar 144791 room or produce softer more gentle lighting.

Emphasize artwork and wall hangings with accent lights

Adding a wall mounted museum light or picture light is an excellent way to accent fine artwork; two sconces positioned on each side ofrepparttar 144792 painting will also add emphasize. This can be done with any wall hanging: mirrors frames are nice to accent.

Living room: downlights can emphasize an area

Installing Lighting Safely In The Bathroom

Written by David Smith

IP Ratings

IP rating stands for 'Ingress Protection'

An IP number is used to classifyrepparttar environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment.

The first digit relates to foreign bodies such as tools, hands, fingers and dust.

The second digit related to liquids.

First Digit - Foreign Bodies

0 - No protection 1 - Protected against solid objects greater than 50mm2. (eg hands) 2 - Protected against solid objects up to 12mm2. (eg fingers) 3 - Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm2. (eg tools and wires) 4 - Protected against solid objects up to 1mm2. (eg small tools and wires) 5 - Protected against dust, limited ingress (eg no harmful deposit). 6 - Totally protected against dust.

Second Digit - Liquids

0 - No protection

1 - Protection against vertically falling drops of water (example, condensation. 2 - Protection against direct sprays of water up to 15 degrees from vertical. 3 - Protection against direct sprays of water up to 60 degrees from vertical. 4 - Protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted. 5 - Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted. 6 - Protected against low pressure jets of water, limited ingress permitted (eg ship deck). 7 - Protected againstrepparttar 144703 effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m. 8 - Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure. (eg. swimming pools)

Example IP Ratings

An IP rating of IP44 is protected against solid objects greater than 1mm and water sprayed from all directions

An IP rating of IP68 is totally protected against dust and can be immersed under water at high pressure for long periods

The higherrepparttar 144704 IP Ratingrepparttar 144705 more protection offered for your home lighting.

Havingrepparttar 144706 right level of protection is especially important in Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is a functional room, andrepparttar 144707 lighting priority should be given to grooming atrepparttar 144708 mirror. Lighting atrepparttar 144709 mirror serves for cleaning, make up, shaving and dressing, bathroom lighting should be plentiful and evenly distributed without shadows, and free from glare. Lighting inrepparttar 144710 centre ofrepparttar 144711 ceiling, placesrepparttar 144712 face in shadow and while useful for general lighting, will not serve well for tasks based here. Lighting at both sides ofrepparttar 144713 mirror works best providing even light acrossrepparttar 144714 face and avoids shadow underrepparttar 144715 chin. Fluorescent lighting is ideal for tasks and provides high levels of illumination with less heat and lower operating cost than normal GLS fittings. GLS or halogen, offer greater decorative possibilities and if well spaced and diffused, can be used very effectively. Bathroom lighting, including fluorescent lights @ SelectLighting UK.

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