Abraham and the Leather Scroll

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Abraham and The Leather Scroll:

The Dead Sea Scrolls continue to be found and there are many interesting discoveries aboutrepparttar era and region to be found in them. One ofrepparttar 143963 more interesting aspects of these finds has to do with a leather scroll that was written to seem as if Abraham had been its author. Just likerepparttar 143964 many frauds of recent date includingrepparttar 143965 Ossuary of James orrepparttar 143966 artifacts attributed to Joash and all manner of other Bible Narrative lies includingrepparttar 143967 Ark atrepparttar 143968 top of a mountain we see politics or manipulation of people is paramount.

The forgers of this particular document putting words inrepparttar 143969 mouth ofrepparttar 143970 great Patriarch who was mentored byrepparttar 143971 alchemist Melchizedek ofrepparttar 143972 family of Jesus did not know that modern science would expose them. You can imagine how explosive it would be inrepparttar 143973 present day Islamic world to find this man speaking to them from beyondrepparttar 143974 grave. It would have been important atrepparttar 143975 time of Christ when they did this.


Written by Irvin L. Rozier


What should I write, O LORD GOD most high I believe your second coming is drawing nigh I am waiting withrepparttar pen of a ready writer To write words to make someone's day brighter

It is useless to write unless inspired by you The words you give are wise and true I read inrepparttar 143962 Bible these words by your son He said it is finished, thy will be done

The words that come from you will stand In Daniel came forth fingers of a man's hand The king sawrepparttar 143963 part ofrepparttar 143964 hand that wrote The words scared him so, his knees did smote

Belshazzar's kingdom was coming to an end This wasrepparttar 143965 written message that you did send His pride and greed caused his quick downfall Your handwriting was clear onrepparttar 143966 palace wall

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