About distributing your AVI movies

Written by Jakob Jelling

An AVI movie can be compressed using different video codecs. This compression is necessary in order to reducerepparttar movie file size which otherwise would occupy too much space and copying it or transferring it from one device to another would be a complicated step to achieve.

If you wish to watch your AVI movie in your PC and this movie was compressed with a particular codec, you will need to haverepparttar 139331 same codec installed on that PC. You will always need one same codec to compress and to decompress not only an AVI movie but any other movie n any other format as well.

There are some codecs which you can use with your AVI movie when you wish that it doesn't loose as much quality as it generally would throughrepparttar 139332 compression- decompression process. TSCC is one ofrepparttar 139333 codecs which would allow you to compress, transfer and decompress your movie without loosing its quality.

One ofrepparttar 139334 main advantages of AVI files isrepparttar 139335 fact that they can be played in many different players while other files can only be played in specific ones. If you storage or distribute your own movie through an AVI file, it could be seen in Real Player, Camtasia Player, Media Player and QuickTime.

How to optimize your video for the web

Written by Jakob Jelling

Optimizing your video or movie in order it can be distributed and played onrepparttar web implies many aspects. This action, often known as streaming video, must be achieved carefully in order not to loose an important amount of video quality onrepparttar 139330 process. Due torepparttar 139331 great amount of data a video or movie contains andrepparttar 139332 big size it file would have, transferring it or playing it overrepparttar 139333 web with its original quality might be not easy sometimes.

The PC or equipmentrepparttar 139334 person who will watch your movie has will be one ofrepparttar 139335 main factors you should consider atrepparttar 139336 time of sending your video to him or letting him download it. Depending onrepparttar 139337 equipment,repparttar 139338 video a person plays overrepparttar 139339 web will be played with good quality, bad quality or it might not be played at all.

To start with, a person should have a good Internet connection based on cable or DSL in order to be able to play or watch your movie overrepparttar 139340 web. If they do not have high speed connection, accessing and watching your movie would be almost impossible, since in case they were able to play it, it would be of very low quality and probably would go blank sometimes.

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