About Your Newsletter

Written by Iulia Pascanu

No matter how you name it: email advertising, email marketing campaign, newsletter, ezine. The medium is already worn out.

Overused. Abused. This means you have to make extra efforts to make people get involved with whatever you do for making a

living online.

I don't want you to believe I'm one ofrepparttar self made Internet gurus out there. No need to mention I'm not a real Internet

guru either :). I'm just an ordinary Internet user, happy to share some routine experiences and thoughts about editing

newsletters. By all means, know your purpose!

Some newsletter editors think that, if last week I was interested in email marketing,repparttar 109492 next week I could be interested in

some songs they have just written down after being involved in a 'Release Your Creativity' - like seminar. I know you

probably won't believe me, but it happened just this way. Ok, you online marketing fellow, I may want to hear about your

songs, but don't make them a main topic. I know what I subscribed for, and when I don't find what I expected inrepparttar 109493 message

body, I feel somehow deceived. Think rather community than emailing list

The next paragraphs may seem not to have anything to do with editing newsletters. But instead of lying in your comfortable

shell, headphones on your ears, beautiful posters in your eyesight, trying to produce more and more 'words that sell', what

about a bit of real communication?

Have you ever been told 'it's all inrepparttar 109494 list'? Ever wondered what they mean by that?

The reason you edit your newsletter is (probably & primarily) because you want to sell something. Try to forget sales for a

moment. You are online to give somebody something that he or she could use. You gather in a list persons that have something

in common (including yourself). Maybe they like cars. Or coffee. Or sleeping late. Let them share that with you. The first

step is to encourage feedback. You can create a discussion list and a forum.

I know what usually happens. You create a discussion group, post a topic and wait for opinions to poor in. This may never

happen. It takes time to create a strong community. Many people might subscribe torepparttar 109495 list just for reading other opinions,

and never post a message. This shouldn't bother you. They are a step closer to you than usual newsletter subscribers.

Remember that in a community, your promotional messages are beeing red as (hopefully) friendly advice. However, they are not

beeing perceived as agressive email ads.

A community is about trust and transparency. Allowing competitors to post messages (as long as they are respectingrepparttar 109496

netiquette) makes you more credible. Moreover, you can berepparttar 109497 first person inrepparttar 109498 list to post links towards other

Use your Webmail

Written by Robert Nixon

Use your Web Mail By Robert Nixon

Many ISP's and hosting companies have what is called 'Web Mail'. This function lets you check your e mails from anywhere inrepparttar world and can be used to your advantage.

First: If you have this option from your ISP, then do NOT do as I suggest here. You do not haverepparttar 109491 versitlity andrepparttar 109492 storage space to do this, and you may lose Your ISP if you do.

IF you have your's via your hosting (where your domain is 'directed to' AND you have a large enough account with some megs ( at least 300 0r so) then read on.

The hosting companies I reccomend at this time that are reasonable are:

successfull and mastermind, as for under a dollar a day you get a lot for your buck, I know there are others but since I do not use them, I can not reccomend them. (such as SBC,Bell South,Boiab,to name a few)

There are several levels you can select from but agian, have patience when setting them up and getting allrepparttar 109493 'bells and whistles' to work, as it may take getting some bugs out for what you desire to have installed as a part of your service. (like MSQL,Frontpage extensions, etc.)

Remember: it takes about 24 to 48 hours just for your DNS to become effective from your domain registration service ( I use namesecure ).

What I have done is set up a mail box for each Association,Safelist and submission program I use on a regular basis.

Remember: Do not use your private mail box,repparttar 109494 one that goes to your home PC.

When I send an ad out from my harvested e mails via my mailer program, I have another two for it...the reply andrepparttar 109495 normal e mail addresses,andrepparttar 109496 'removal' link. (as required by law,byrepparttar 109497 way)

I also have one just forrepparttar 109498 comfirmation type of messages. ( as you know, many networked sites verify your emial before you can place your ad, so I send that message here)

The benefits of this are immense.

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