About Window Ledge Gardening

Written by Balaji B

The growing of flowering or foliage plants on window ledges is a form of gardening in which most people can indulge. Those who live in flats, and others who have no gardens, and especially invalids who are confined to their rooms, derive an enormous amount of pleasure from this form of gardening.

Window ledge plants would be more popular if it were not forrepparttar fact that a considerable amount of work is involved in filling and emptyingrepparttar 143884 boxes. In addition there isrepparttar 143885 watering problem, drainage water dripping on torepparttar 143886 heads of people inrepparttar 143887 streets is liable to cause some annoyance. By taking proper precautions in constructingrepparttar 143888 containers and setting them in position, most of these difficulties can be overcome.

Suitable Window Ledge Plants for a Spring Display

Some ofrepparttar 143889 most popular plants for spring are as follows: Arabis albida (double variety)

The procumbent stems of this plant are clothed with grey hairy leaves and bear spikes of double, white flowers.


It is more compact in growth than Arabis and forms a close carpet of blue, pink or purple flowers.

Bellis perennis flore pleno (Dwarf Double Daisies)

These dainty, free-flowering plants are ideal for window-boxes. There are red, pink and white varieties.

Myosotis (Forget-me-not)

This popular spring-flowering plant is obtainable in several shades of blue and forms an ideal carpeting plant for many types of bulbs.

Primula (Polyanthus)

The Polyanthus does not do well in a hot position and should therefore be used for window boxes which are set in a shady spot. These plants make a bright display, and many variously coloured forms are obtainable.

Drying Roses

Written by Jan Nicholas

There are many reasons why you might want to dry your roses. Some people just want to keep a memento of a special moment. Perhaps they are a part of a wedding that you went to; maybe they were a gift from a mate, friend, or family member. Whatever your reasons for doing it, this isrepparttar section where you will learn to dry your roses properly.

There two ways drying rose petal can happen and that are cheap and relatively easy.

Air Drying

Air drying is by farrepparttar 143883 easiest and cheapest method of drying flowers including roses. It is simple; all you have to do is follow these simple instructions.

Start with perfect and unflawed roses on their stems. Ifrepparttar 143884 roses are not in perfect condition, they will wither andrepparttar 143885 petals will fall off.

Remove any leaves that may be onrepparttar 143886 branches.

Bunch them up together in a manner that lets them fan out. Tierepparttar 143887 bottom with string or a rubber band.

Hang them upside down in a dark, dry place for two to three weeks to be certain that they are completely dry.

Sand Drying

Start by pickingrepparttar 143888 roses that are in perfect condition. They shouldn’t have any dew on them andrepparttar 143889 stems should be dry as well.

You can reinforcerepparttar 143890 stems and blossom with either white glue or florist wire.

For florist wire, you will want to cut off most ofrepparttar 143891 stem. Leave about one inch of stem.

Push about 3 inches of wire throughrepparttar 143892 stem and right throughrepparttar 143893 flower head.

Next, you want to bendrepparttar 143894 end ofrepparttar 143895 wire into a hook over each rose head and pull it down. This helps to keeprepparttar 143896 head secured torepparttar 143897 stem.

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