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Written by Frederick Kohler

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Affiliates Should Give First and Sell Second

Written by David McKenzie

As an affiliate your primary goal is to make a commission onrepparttar sale of a product you are re-selling.

However, it is important to knowrepparttar 102508 best method to getting this result. Forrepparttar 102509 affiliaterepparttar 102510 best method may be different than forrepparttar 102511 direct seller.

As a direct seller, selling up front without getting to know your visitor is a viable option. It does work, however it relies heavily on a well-crafted sales letter.

For an affiliate, there is another way to ‘getrepparttar 102512 sale' and it involves getting to know your visitor before they buy through you.

With this method you develop your web site to be as content rich as possible. Articles, newsletter archives, tips and advice.

Then visitors visit your site to readrepparttar 102513 valuable content, not to buy from you.

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