Aargh those pesky sleep problems!

Written by K Quinn

It's 2am and your baby is up forrepparttar third time since 7pm. She's 2 months old and from allrepparttar 140942 books and magazines you've read SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING THROUGHT HE NIGHT!!!!! How long can this go on?!!! As difficult as this is it doesn't last forever.

The first few weeks of a baby's life are key in setting a healthy sleep pattern that can last a lifetime. At first your infant doesn't know much aboutrepparttar 140943 differences between day and night. From what she is used to whenrepparttar 140944 home turns quiet isrepparttar 140945 time to wake up and when there is movement and activity around her isrepparttar 140946 time to sleep. Slowly she will adjust during her first few weeks and as she does it's important to set up nice bedtime and wake up time routines so she will understand her roll in it all. Here are some things to keep in mind...

1. Does your baby have a bedtime routine? Setting up a bedtime routine is key. Bath, book, etc. This can be added on to asrepparttar 140947 child grows.

2. Is your baby going to bed at an age appropriate time? This is part ofrepparttar 140948 routine. Yeah we know they're just going to wake up for a bottle in 30 minutes but putting them inrepparttar 140949 place for sleep early on sendsrepparttar 140950 message that "this is bedtime".


Written by Irvin L. Rozier


Before she died, Mama gave me some money She said buy something for yourself honey I spied two rocking chairs at a country store They looked so inviting sitting byrepparttar door

I boughtrepparttar 140913 rockers andrepparttar 140914 matching swing When I first sat in them I felt like a king I paintedrepparttar 140915 rockers white andrepparttar 140916 swing green They'rerepparttar 140917 prettiest things I've ever seen

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