A web traffic secret guaranteed to give you 16,807 visitors to your blog on a regular basis

Written by Christopher Kyalo

If you are interested in getting even higher traffic to your blog by making use ofrepparttar real power ofrepparttar 137630 net, please read on.

This article is written in question and answer fromat.

Q- Is it really possible to get traffic running into millions to a blog?

A- You knowrepparttar 137631 answer is yes, there are blogs getting that kind of traffic now as we speak.

Q- Can any ordinary person build up that kind of traffic?

A- Yes. The secret lies in being able to understandrepparttar 137632 real power ofrepparttar 137633 net and then setting up your business to take full advantage of it.

Q- So what isrepparttar 137634 real power ofrepparttar 137635 net?

A- Referral marketing. Hotmail grew from zero to millions of users in a few days by setting up a simple system where everybody who sent out mail referred others torepparttar 137636 service. It was done with a short message atrepparttar 137637 end ofrepparttar 137638 mail inviting people to sign up.

Both Google and Yahoo are currently using referral marketing techniques to launch their new services. For example you know that you can only get a Gmail email address by invitation (referral). This service may not have been that hot had it been freely available to everybody.

Even blogs thrive on referral marketing. How do they get those huge audiences within such a short time? Itís by getting linked to as many other blogs and sites as possible. Thatís referral marketing, you hear about a blog from somebody else, you visit and like it and send a close friendrepparttar 137639 link.

That isrepparttar 137640 real power ofrepparttar 137641 net, itsí amazing ability to spread a referral message efficiently and at high speed. If you see a good movie, you may forget to tell your spouse or friend about it. You may even forget th title and what theatre it is showing in. Butrepparttar 137642 net does not forget. A link does not forget, as long as it is there.

Q- So how do I set up my blog to take advantage of this referral power?

A-There are two methods. The first is to try and get as many links as possible leading to your blog. There are various methods of triggering offrepparttar 137643 process, including using articles. This isrepparttar 137644 slow method everybody is already using (with various variations of course) but withrepparttar 137645 competition between blogs youíll need a lot of luck. According to a recent article in BusinessWeek, there are 9 million blogs out there with 40,000 new ones popping up daily.

Q- Andrepparttar 137646 secondÖ

A- The second isrepparttar 137647 reason why we are having this interview. It is a simple technique where you combine articles (already written for you), with a special viral web site of your own. You simply register at this site and then putrepparttar 137648 link to your blog there. But before you do so, you will have to view other sites and get a code from each site to enter into your registration process. As a result you will be visiting other blogs and sites. The good news is that everybody who joins has to dorepparttar 137649 same. And it also means that by just getting 7 people to join who in turn get 7 people each, you will have 16,807 people on your fifth level and a total of 16,807 + 2,401 + 343 + 49 = 19,600!! Just by getting only 7 people to join.

Actually by using this method, you will not only be able to attract 16,807 visitors to your blog but within a very short time, your visitors will actually run into millions. It will depend on ho many people you get to registerrepparttar 137650 site. I deliberately usedrepparttar 137651 low figure of 16,807 in my headline because there is so much hype onrepparttar 137652 net using high figures these days and many of these hype peddlers have a special liking for figures that run into millions.

The doís and doníts of directory submission.

Written by Brian Holte

The doís and doníts of directory submission. By Brian Holte Email: theebookking@shaw.ca Copyright-Brian Holte

If you own a business online, would like to increase targeted traffic to your site but simply donít have any free time, hiring someone to submit your URL to niche directories may be whatrepparttar Dr. ordered.

I hoperepparttar 137420 following interview with Tim Mathews who owns http://timmathews.com a Directory Submission Service helps.

Before we get started Tim tell us a little about yourself.

I am an avid web designer at heart. I have been inrepparttar 137421 computer industry for about 10 years - back when AOL 2 was repparttar 137422 bomb, and if you didn't have a 14.4 modem, you were cruising slow. (Wow, how times have changed). I really enjoy takingrepparttar 137423 mom and pop 100 product site and building it into a powerhouse ecommerce site. I love building sites, then getting them listed inrepparttar 137424 search engines and directories, and watchingrepparttar 137425 sales roll in forrepparttar 137426 client.

How did you get started in directory submission services?

I first stumbled into Directory submission services when I was trying to get a companies site listed inrepparttar 137427 search engines. I was trying and trying to get it listed, but no use. After numerous reworking, I finally gotrepparttar 137428 site listed. I was then thinking... Huh, this was tough for me, and I am a pro! I was wondering if others were having issues, and alas, THEY WERE! From then, business has spawned from current local clients to allrepparttar 137429 seven seas!

For those new torepparttar 137430 internet could you explain what a directory submission service is?

A Directory Submission Service, in my opinion, is a company that will submit your website to directories. Now,repparttar 137431 client must be careful when selecting a company. Many I have seen say something alongrepparttar 137432 lines of "We submit you to over 800,000 Search Engines and Directories". This statement alone lets me know that they are not trustworthy. We can all fire up ANY free/shareware submitter and boastrepparttar 137433 same statement. What I LIKE to see, when checking my competition, is a listing of directories they will submit to. And, of course, no one can guarantee inclusion.

What was your motivation for offering directory submission service?

Well, to be blunt, I was thinking this could make us some money. I was thinking of my stumbling inrepparttar 137434 submissions, and how long and hard I worked to get sites listed. I learned what to do, and definitely what NOT to do. I figured it would be a great service.

What problems did you have to overcome to start your directory submission service?

Our main problems arerepparttar 137435 sites that boast hundreds of thousands of submissions to directories... This confusesrepparttar 137436 client to thinking there are this number of "separate" directories. After explanation that there are far less, (We submit to as few as 20 directories up to around 200 for some clients), so you can see why this would be a problem.

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