A short biography on some of Europe's most loved and hated Monarchs - Pt 1 Vlad Tepes (Dracula)

Written by Stuart Bazga

Vlad Tepes or Dracula was born in 1431, inrepparttar fortress of Sighisoara, Romania. His father wasrepparttar 146689 military governor of Transylvania and a member ofrepparttar 146690 Order ofrepparttar 146691 Dragon. The order was created in 1387 byrepparttar 146692 Holy Roman Emperor and his second wife, Barbara Cilli.

Inrepparttar 146693 winter of 1436-1437, Vlad(Dracul) became prince of Wallachia and took up residence atrepparttar 146694 palace of Tirgoviste,repparttar 146695 princely capital. In 1442, he and his younger brother Radu were taken hostage byrepparttar 146696 Turkish Sultan Murad II. Dracul was held in Turkey until 1448, while his brother Radu decided to stay there until 1462.

At 17 years old, Vlad, supported by troops lent to him by pasha Mustafa Hassan, tried to seizerepparttar 146697 Wallachian throne but was defeated by Vladislav II (who had earlier assassinated his father and oldest brother ) after two months or armed conflict. Vlad had to wait until 1456, when he was able to seek retribution against his father's assassin.

Vlad's first act of vengeance was aimed atrepparttar 146698 boyars of Tirgoviste forrepparttar 146699 killing of his father and older brother Mircea. Around Easter of 1459, Vlad had allrepparttar 146700 boyar families arrested and impaledrepparttar 146701 elder members on stakes while forcingrepparttar 146702 others to march fromrepparttar 146703 capital torepparttar 146704 town of Poenari. He then ordered them to build him a fortress onrepparttar 146705 ruins of an older outpost overlookingrepparttar 146706 Arges River. Many nobles died inrepparttar 146707 construction of this castle,repparttar 146708 ruins of which can still be seen today.

Vlad became known for his brutal punishment techniques; often ordering people to be skinned, decapitated, blinded, roasted, hacked, buried alive, stabbed and blinded to name a few. He also liked to cut off his victim noses, ears and sexual organs. But his favourite form of torture was impalement on stakes, hencerepparttar 146709 surname "Tepes" which means "The Impaler" inrepparttar 146710 Romanian language. It was this form of punishment that he used against Transylvanian merchants who ignored his trade laws.

There are many tales aboutrepparttar 146711 psyche of Vlad Tepes. He was known throughoutrepparttar 146712 country for his fierce adherence to honesty and order. Almost any crime, from lying and stealing to killing, could be punished by impalement. Being so confident inrepparttar 146713 efficiency of his law, Dracula placed a golden cup on display inrepparttar 146714 central square of Tirgoviste. The cup could be used by thirsty travellers, but had to remain onrepparttar 146715 square. It was never stolen and remained entirely untouched throughout Vlad's reign. He looked uponrepparttar 146716 poor, vagrants and beggars as thieves. Consequently, he invited allrepparttar 146717 poor and sick of Wallachia to his court in Tirgoviste for a magnificent feast. After his guests had eaten and drunk their fill, Dracula orderedrepparttar 146718 hall boarded up and set on fire. There were no survivors.

Left Side, Right Side, Offside

Written by Kenneth Morley

Left Side, Right Side, Offside

Is there anything inrepparttar dominance ofrepparttar 146622 left side ofrepparttar 146623 brain in mathematical ability?

Are boys better than girls in mathematics, because of left brain dominance?

The concept of left brain and right brain thinking developed from repparttar 146624 research inrepparttar 146625 late 1960s by an American neurosurgeon Roger W Sperry. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1981.

I came across a variation of this theory (which Iíll callrepparttar 146626 gender theory) inrepparttar 146627 late 1970s. The gender theory was put forward as a means of explaining why at that time, boys out - performed girls inrepparttar 146628 field of mathematics.

The left brain/ right brain theory says thatrepparttar 146629 left side ofrepparttar 146630 brain is logical, analytical and objective.

The gender theory says that this "masculine" side ofrepparttar 146631 brain is assertive, aggressive and authoritative

The left brain/ right brain theory says thatrepparttar 146632 right side of repparttar 146633 brain is random, emotional, spontaneous, and subjective.

The gender theory says that this "feminine" side ofrepparttar 146634 brain is emotional, passive, creative and holistic

The gender theory then says that dominant side of boys brains is repparttar 146635 left side, hence their mathematical skills are better.

Behavioural psychologists set out to prove or disprove this gender theory by measuring passive/ aggressive tendencies. There were a lot of dodgy psychological experiments performed.

Animal psychologists fed chickens male hormones and measuredrepparttar 146636 increased peck rate. Other psychologists worked with small babies. It was found for example, that when a researcher blew on repparttar 146637 babyís face while it was lying inrepparttar 146638 pram, a girl baby would turn over and go back to sleep, whereas a boy baby would react in a more belligerent manner, perhaps givingrepparttar 146639 psychologist a whack with his rattle.

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