A properly hosted web site is a lazy manís way to make a fortune online

Written by Luis Perez

If there was ever such a thing asrepparttar lazy manís way to a fortune thenrepparttar 134315 only place where there would be any chance of finding it would be online.

Where else can a small business run by a lone entrepreneur be able to supply services that rival those of a fortune 500 company?

Recent developments have continued to make it easier than ever to do all sorts of innovative things from a web site virtually on autopilot. This has dramatically increasedrepparttar 134316 chances of a small home based business or even a lone entrepreneur, making a major impact in any industry. This isrepparttar 134317 ultimate low cost way of doing business that is revolutionizingrepparttar 134318 world of business.

All this makesrepparttar 134319 web more and more of a genuine lazy manís way of making a fortune. But all that is assuming thatrepparttar 134320 web site works.

All too often web entrepreneurs put in so much effort in building and developing their web presence without paying too much attention to what I callrepparttar 134321 ďback room operationsĒ. The ďbackroom operationsĒ of a web site mainly consist ofrepparttar 134322 hosting service. The hosting service can easily cripple what would have otherwise been a successful web business.

This can happen in many ways starting withrepparttar 134323 concern that is on everybodyís top burner these days Ė security. Many hosts have very poor security capabilities, making it a piece of cake for anybody to hack into your web site.

The two most important things you need to run a wildly successful web site

Written by Luis Perez

There are really only two major and really important things you need to do to run a wildly successful e-commerce web site.

If you do not have these two, it really doesnít matter what else you have or do, your web site is guaranteed to fail. Onrepparttar other hand if you do have these two and nothing else, your chances of success are still very high. Thatís how important these two very important qualities are.

a)You will need a reliable and efficient web host. Many web site owners tend to ignore this fact and yet there is mounting evidence that many web site hosts who do not offer services that are of a good enough quality are stifling some really good web sites.

No matter how good a job you do marketing your web site and spreadingrepparttar 134314 word out there, it will all come to naught if people canít access your site. And this is exactly what happens a lot of times when you donít have a good host.

The horror stories told by those who did not select their host carefully are many. Some hosting businesses oversell and end up hosting twicerepparttar 134315 number of sites their resources can realistically allow them to host. Others, in an effort to cut down costs, use sub-standard Network, hardware and operating systems. Others still, are just plain incompetent. The result is that your site will be down too frequently and for prolonged periods. Valuable hard won traffic will miss you, and you can be sure that they wonít come back again later.

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