A parents survival guide to Legoland Windsor

Written by Paul Fogg - Langton House

I have visited Legoland many times over many years, as well as having made and heard suggestions from many, many families overrepparttar years. It has given me a set of “rules” that have become invaluable in attacking and surviving a day out at Legoland in Windsor.

There really can be nothing worse than planning a trip to Legoland and to turn up just afterrepparttar 140871 park is open at 10am. This isrepparttar 140872 first fatal move. You will end up queuing almost as soon as you get offrepparttar 140873 M4 motorway (see Getting To Us for directions). This inevitably means you get torepparttar 140874 Legoland park some time after 10am, more likely nearer 11am, then queue intorepparttar 140875 parking area, queue to get tickets, queue to get throughrepparttar 140876 ticket barrier, queue to get onrepparttar 140877 train downrepparttar 140878 hill and then you continue your day with a bit more queuing on allrepparttar 140879 rides. Lovely!

I think you can all seerepparttar 140880 picture I’m painting here! I will just add that this is normally only this bad on peak days in summer, at weekends and duringrepparttar 140881 school holidays, but it can happen at any day to a greater or lesser degree depending uponrepparttar 140882 weather – it suddenly turns hot and sunny, everyone decides to go to Legoland – or there’s a special offer on you didn’t know about – allrepparttar 140883 locals with their Legoland annual passes turn out forrepparttar 140884 day.

So how do you start off onrepparttar 140885 right foot?

The most important thing to remember is thatrepparttar 140886 Legoland park opens at 10am, and by park I don’t meanrepparttar 140887 parking,repparttar 140888 pay points,repparttar 140889 Lego shop orrepparttar 140890 hill top restaurant!

Yep you guessed it, this is all open earlier, about 9.30am! This is when you should be rolling up torepparttar 140891 parking area. Fromrepparttar 140892 previous scenario you are already 1 hour ahead of those less fortunate who are about to get stuck inrepparttar 140893 traffic queues offrepparttar 140894 M4!

So you’ve arrived and parked up, its 9.40am and you’ve unpackedrepparttar 140895 kids and are wandering off torepparttar 140896 ticket booths, but of course if you’ve planned ahead – which you should have because you’re reading this for a start – and have bought your Legoland tickets online and hopefully got a better deal…. You can pass straight intorepparttar 140897 Beginning, get your bearings, form The Plan of attack, and try and keeprepparttar 140898 children away fromrepparttar 140899 shop! Check outrepparttar 140900 Model Makers Workshop and Hall of Fame – some amazing Lego models, a near life size 747 cockpit amongst many other exhibits. The Rocket Racers may even open early, or just get a coffee atrepparttar 140901 Pitstop Café. There is plenty to do here for ˝ an hour to chill out and relax before you hit Legoland proper. The Plan will help you get an idea of where to head first, which rides your children want as well as those with height restrictions andrepparttar 140902 times ofrepparttar 140903 shows throughoutrepparttar 140904 day.

It is getting towards 10am, head down torepparttar 140905 Hill Train. Now it may not be worth getting onrepparttar 140906 train, particularly if there is already a queue, after all,repparttar 140907 purpose of this guide is to cut downrepparttar 140908 queuing, so why would you want to startrepparttar 140909 day in one! Just wait until they let you past and walk on intorepparttar 140910 park.

It’s all downhill intorepparttar 140911 park, but it’s now time to follow The Plan you thought about earlier. The basic rule is to walk torepparttar 140912 back of Legoland and work your way forward. Its important to get torepparttar 140913 major rides as soon as you can, do them and then you can relax and makerepparttar 140914 most ofrepparttar 140915 park forrepparttar 140916 rest ofrepparttar 140917 day.

In my opinionrepparttar 140918 best rides at Legoland in 2004 wererepparttar 140919 Dragon Ride, Pirate Falls, Jungle Coaster andrepparttar 140920 Driving School. The one thing you can guarantee is that by midday there will be at least a 45 minute queue for all these rides, so its best to try and tick them all off you list as soon as possible. Of course if your little lovelies are too small or just into something else, then make sure you have it in The Plan.

What to explore in Barcelona Spain

Written by Robert Carlton

As any European can brag about, Barcelona in Spain is no exception with its endless history, much of it still remaining, but much more of it has been added on inrepparttar 20th century. In many people´s opinion, you fully appreciate what Catalunya ( four regions including Barcelona ) is all about if you concentrate onrepparttar 140870 newly added culture. Barcelona has been a busy city and with allrepparttar 140871 new activities that it is willing to take on, tourism has become a big part of its daily life. So, for a full-scale visit to squeeze every drop of pleasure out of it, be well prepared with your map which has a details on hotels, entertainment, andrepparttar 140872 best celebrations and latest exhibitions.

Pick one’s way in Barcelona

The place to set out from to find your first glimpse of Modernism would be to go straight to Guell Park. This natural space should really have been called Antonio Gaudi Park because it is entirely filled with this architecture´s spellbinding works. He has converted benches, balconies, walls and entire buildings into paintings. Once you have filled your camera with these delights, recharge it again for Gaudi´s highlight;repparttar 140873 Sagrada Familia Church. Even though at first sightrepparttar 140874 Sagrada Familia has an antiquated look, it was started in 1883 and has been growing all during this century, getting special modern touch-ups and new addition.

In 1892repparttar 140875 Barcelona Zoo was founded. A private collection was donated torepparttar 140876 city and asrepparttar 140877 centre ofrepparttar 140878 city was inrepparttar 140879 port area called La Ciutat Vella ( beautiful city),repparttar 140880 zoo is found inrepparttar 140881 Ciutadella Park. This fascinating place, houses more than 7,500 different types of animals. The tiny hippo pygmy or odd looking anteater is a big attraction forrepparttar 140882 wee folks and adults alike. The Barcelona Zoo takes much pride of its primates collection which at one time included and albino one. Dark grey coloured shell tortoises, pelicans and American buffalos and even a red kangaroo can be photographed up close without having to travel to distant lands. The weather in Cataluyna and especially in Barcelona is not extreme, so a casual visit to see your animal friends can be done all year round. If your travel happens to take you to this city inrepparttar 140883 warmer months, Aquarama Barcelona,repparttar 140884 aquatic park withinrepparttar 140885 zoo will add to your zoo visit. Everyone is awed byrepparttar 140886 bottlenose dolphins seen atrepparttar 140887 daily shows together with other marvellous aquatic animals. The Barcelona Zoo excellent research programme is worldly known for breeding in captivity and for preserving species in danger.

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