A new definition of "Buyer Beware"

Written by Jesse S. Somer

"Who's Suzie?" My wife Katrina had been acting strangely ever since I had returned home from my Native American cultural class, not to mentionrepparttar weird phone call I received just before I left, full of little pauses instead of our usual fast-paced communication. Now that I was home she had been pretty much ignoring me completely, then comes this strange question. Katrina was calm but I could tell there was something under her skin as she chopped uprepparttar 138602 vegetables forrepparttar 138603 night's dinner. "I don't know anyone named Suzie." I replied. "Well come to think of it, there's my old friend Peter's wife Suzie." My wife remained calm, " Do you want to tell me anything?" she replied. "There is nothing to tell Kat." Katrina was heating up; her trademark rosy cheeks had evolved to boiling teapot. Still however, no steam or whistle had been emitted from her pretty spout. She looked at me thoughtfully, "Well, I looked at your cell phone today. It seems you've been sending text messages to a woman named Suzie. I've read around thirty of her texts inrepparttar 138604 archive; they're all like "I love you heaps" and "Thinking of you right now". Who is she Tom?" A strange feeling overcame me. Katrina seemed absolutely sure that I was guilty of something. Accused yet innocent, her eyes spoke ofrepparttar 138605 obvious evidence that was piled against me. The thing is, we were really having serious relationship problems atrepparttar 138606 time, with many arguments and rarely seeing eye-to-eye. Katrina was onrepparttar 138607 brink of tears and I simply didn't know what she was talking about. Looking down I could seerepparttar 138608 cell phone gripped tightly in her hands. Funny, I hadn't thought aboutrepparttar 138609 fact that I own two phones and she was holdingrepparttar 138610 one that I rarely use. A few months back I bought it off eBay as it is extremely small and I don't want to have to carry my big expensive "computer" phone on me when I am riding my mountain bike. It was actually my second 'extra' phone as my wife had killedrepparttar 138611 first when she had put it throughrepparttar 138612 washing machine. "Are you talking about that phone Kat? Give me a look at it." She handedrepparttar 138613 phone over reluctantly, as if it were evidence in a murder trial. I looked atrepparttar 138614 messages and sure enough there were a whole bunch from someone named Suzie. Some ofrepparttar 138615 messages were quite raunchy indeed. Straight away I started to search forrepparttar 138616 dates ofrepparttar 138617 archived messages, as they would surely prove my innocence. "Look Kat,repparttar 138618 dates of these messages were several months ago. I've only hadrepparttar 138619 phone for a couple months. They are obviously someone else's."

Effective Web Search with Google's "My Search History" Tool

Written by shuth

You were looking for certain information onrepparttar web. After several attempts using different words and phrases with your favorite search engine, you finally have foundrepparttar 138601 required information but, as it happens, forgot to bookmarkrepparttar 138602 pages. In a few days when you needed to check outrepparttar 138603 same pages again, to your utter dismay, you realized that you couldn't recall how you searched out those pages. Sounds familiar? If you are like me, you probably face this problem quite frequently!

Findingrepparttar 138604 right page link you are seeking fromrepparttar 138605 browser's history feature, out of hundreds of pages that you have visited recently, is not easy either! More over, browser's history page remembers where you have been as you browserepparttar 138606 web for a limited time only. Things may be a little easier if you use Google Desktop search or similar tools from other search engines, but again if you don't always userepparttar 138607 same computer, even this might not be of much help.

My Search History - a new Google feature

However, thanks to new "My Search History" feature from Google, now you are able to overcome this difficulty.

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