A little knowledge goes a long way

Written by Tom Sabella

The mark of a well-educated person is not necessarily in knowing allrepparttar answers, but in Knowing where to find them Douglas Everett

Well, I guess being a teacher means I have to give a little lesson on how to study. You study your craft of being a musician now let me help you become a better businessperson.

The only real way to get better is to learn as much you can about what you are doing. Familiarize yourself withrepparttar 101105 business part ofrepparttar 101106 music industry. Laws referring to original compositions, distribution rights, agents lawyers, copyright infringements, and royalties, are important to investigate. Your are actually operating a small business, and taking a business course or two, and reading up on some subjects be it a source book, or monthly publication, is a smart move. Your awareness of what is happening inrepparttar 101107 financial world is crucial. Pavarotti, world famous opera singer, is in litigation withrepparttar 101108 Italian government who says he owes 12 million dollars in back taxes. How does this Happen?

"I Want My Ad In NOW, Not LATER!"

Written by BJ Evans

If you've done any ezine advertising for a while, especially free ads, sooner or later you may receive something like this fromrepparttar publisher, "Your ad is scheduled to appear inrepparttar 101104 Oct.15 issue."

Now you're thinking that this can't be, because right now it's only Aug.15. "I have to wait 2 months for my ad to come out? No way am I going to wait that long. It won't do me any good 2 months from now."

You could be wrong. Very wrong.

There are several factors to consider here. Number 1 might berepparttar 101105 fact thatrepparttar 101106 ad is FREE! You can't overlook that! Number 2 is that free ads are placed on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Number 3: It's common knowledge that we need to advertise on a continuous basis, not just when we feel like it. That means week after week after week. And planning ahead. Doesn't matter if it's free ads or paid, you have to keep at it, regularly.

So, in our scenario above, let's break it down and see how waiting 10 weeks will benefit you inrepparttar 101107 long run. (It's not as bad as you might think.)

Remember, you placed that ad on Friday, Aug. 11. And on Sat., Aug.12 you gotrepparttar 101108 above notice that your ad won't appear untilrepparttar 101109 Oct. 15 issue. Here's how you can "catch up."

You placed your ad on Friday,repparttar 101110 11th. So, EVERY Friday, you place your ad again. Andrepparttar 101111 next Friday, andrepparttar 101112 next. Always on Friday. (NOTE: these days and dates are only for example. You'll naturally have your own ad schedule.)

Now, after waiting 10 weeks, and placingrepparttar 101113 ad religiously every Friday, Oct. 15 finally rolls around, and your ad appears. But see what you've gained by placing it every Friday for that 10-week "waiting" period. Your NEXT ad appears on Oct. 22, andrepparttar 101114 next on Oct. 29, and so on. (Again, it's first come, first served.) Sure, you had to wait 10 weeks. But isn't it worth it? Now allrepparttar 101115 ads you've been placing are beginning to appear.

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