A lesson to learn from film makers

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Many advertisers should be able to learn a lesson or two from George Lucas and his team. When his movies first went out inrepparttar open, they used strategies in promoting them.. Stars guest in different television show and interviews were conducted. Excerpts fromrepparttar 147687 films were shown in television commercials, showingrepparttar 147688 good bits and pieces ofrepparttar 147689 film. Just enough to puzzlerepparttar 147690 puzzle and made them wonder whatrepparttar 147691 story is about. Reviews were made available in print in magazines and newspapers, telling not only positive but also negative points ofrepparttar 147692 movie and its casts. Whoever said that bad publicity is bad should try it out and see its result.

Not only that, they even turned to merchandising. Products like cereals and toys depictingrepparttar 147693 characters inrepparttar 147694 story were made available. There were even promos from other product endorsing their own andrepparttar 147695 movie itself.

If all films, good or bad, should haverepparttar 147696 proper publicity and its publicist, there will be numbers of people running torepparttar 147697 theaters to watch these movies. People tend to get carried away by promotions and advertisements rather easily. Not to mentionrepparttar 147698 fact that they see first then judge later.

Havingrepparttar 147699 right equipment in advertising is a must if endorsers want to attain more response fromrepparttar 147700 people. It is a known fact that many people now have television sets in their home and many others are always glued torepparttar 147701 screen. Having as much television exposures are essential for people to be familiar not only withrepparttar 147702 title but also withrepparttar 147703 contents ofrepparttar 147704 film, enough to arouse curiosity. Media is also a good source of information not only aboutrepparttar 147705 film but alsorepparttar 147706 production,repparttar 147707 essence andrepparttar 147708 stars ofrepparttar 147709 film.

Money makers are also money savers

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

People get to spend money everyday. Even staying at home requires money forrepparttar food to be eaten. It is no wonder that people are always up torepparttar 147686 next best thing than spending and that is saving some bucks.

Just like in printing. People haverepparttar 147687 need for printing for business or other purposes. It cannot be denied though that not all of them haverepparttar 147688 money to spend forrepparttar 147689 kind of printing needs they wanted. In this situation, cost saving is a must. Here are some tips on cost saving while retainingrepparttar 147690 quality and quantity ofrepparttar 147691 material being printed.

Get an estimate. Printing companies would be more than happy to give out estimates based from whatrepparttar 147692 customer wanted in particular. Many of them have customer service representatives willing to help anytime. Online services are also made available.

The more,repparttar 147693 better. The assumption that one can definitely save some money ifrepparttar 147694 quantity is lesser is also definitely false. Printers takerepparttar 147695 same time in producing less or more quality. It would then be economical forrepparttar 147696 customer to have more materials printed as these would haverepparttar 147697 same amount of money and time as with fewer materials.

Technology-wise. With advance machines at their disposal, prints are now made inrepparttar 147698 fastest of time and with more possible output. The quality ofrepparttar 147699 materials are not in any way affected by these time-consuming innovations. Going digital would meanrepparttar 147700 best quality inrepparttar 147701 speediest time and consumption.

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