A guide to successful handicapping

Written by winder liao

(1)Try to experiment on those lower division leagues like div 1 team to get familiarise with those teams.you need them for cups and when they were promotedrepparttar next season.

(2)Is there a difference with betting onrepparttar 144421 picks you derieved or just pure plain picks?

Ans:Yes.There would be a difference.Have you ever tried picking and seems to get almost every picks correct butrepparttar 144422 moment you bet on those picksrepparttar 144423 results would turn otherwise.I believed it to berepparttar 144424 unseen pressure built within oneself when it involves real money.How to curbrepparttar 144425 problem?practise isrepparttar 144426 key.

My personal advice is to treat every matchday as an examination for yourself.Treat it as though as you are siting for an exam.The linesmaker asrepparttar 144427 person who setsrepparttar 144428 paper.

How do judge your own performance or monitor your progress?

(i)The most obvious ones arerepparttar 144429 no. of correct picks you could derieved.

(ii)The reflective stage- try to revealrepparttar 144430 "what","how","why","when" When you lose.

(iii)Lastly,after derievingrepparttar 144431 factors ,monitor if you have Correctly discoverrepparttar 144432 true meaning behind it by predicting again usingrepparttar 144433 factors you derieved.If you have discoverrepparttar 144434 true factors pertaining to that particular league/cuprepparttar 144435 results should be straight wins.There should not be mixed results scenario like 3 win 2 lose or 2 win 3 lose kind of thing.

(3)If however there are negative results repeat point(2) and reformaulate new factors.probably you have overlook on certain things, go through again or you have place in extra factors which is irrelevant to this particular league/cup try removing it maybe will results in positive results.

My life as a proffesional soccerpunter

Written by winder liao

What is a typical lifestyle of a proffesional soccerpunter?

Well, simple and carefree.I am most busy duringrepparttar weekends withrepparttar 144420 standard domestics leagues and during midweek where there are cups fixtures.On days where there are no match i tend to be more relax , spending time playing some sports game or surfing net.basically,out of 7 days in a week i am busy about 4 days leaving me plenty of time to spend with my families or playing some sports game.

Why choose to lead a lifestyle as a proffesional soccerpunter?

I enjoyrepparttar 144421 thrill of watching soccer since young, as i am awed by what what men can do with their feets and body, not forgeting of courserepparttar 144422 "easy money" fromrepparttar 144423 bookies.Another thing isrepparttar 144424 freedom to do what i enjoy doing.Howeverrepparttar 144425 "easy money" i mentioned earlier is not that easy after all it is only easy when you knowrepparttar 144426 techniques before you could earn it.I have learnt itrepparttar 144427 hard ways which many people does that is paying school fees torepparttar 144428 bookmakers but if you put in some efforts in researchingrepparttar 144429 reward is worthwhile.

What arerepparttar 144430 pros and cons as a proffesional soccerpunter?

The above mentioned arerepparttar 144431 pros then what arerepparttar 144432 cons then you may ask? The cons is however soccerbetting is another form of gambling which usully involves high risk of losing your bankroll.however,the good thing about soccerbetting is that there are statistic and data for you to do research on as compared to conventional gambling it mostly relies on your luck.Another good advantage is that you could chooserepparttar 144433 matches you are confident of before you bet.This highly raise your chances of winning then betting on allrepparttar 144434 fixtures.

One disadvantage as a soccerpunter is that you don't draw a fixed salary,your income is highly depending onrepparttar 144435 winnings you earn.On some ofrepparttar 144436 months, you could be making a loss.For info on how to be a proffesional soccerpunter click here.

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