A fresh view of Charlotte nightlife - Mexican food

Written by Charlottecritic

Looking for a great place in Charlotte to stop when you head out? This can be a mixed bag.

Fiesta Maya Mexican Restaurant Cantina & Grill is a place to take a look at when in Area 1 Charlotte by University.

Fiesta Maya Mexican Restaurant is close to our home and is by farrepparttar restaurant I have visited more than any other in Charlotte. As I have said mexican is my favorite, ecspecially when done right.

Overall we have been happy enough to keep going back and that fact is very much onrepparttar 149445 great service in Fiesta Maya Mexican Restaurant. The service has been exceptional on every visit, and that holds true in both english y en espanol. We have been willing to overlook some issues with our meals due to this friendly atmosphere.

The food has been decent on all visits, withrepparttar 149446 exception of a very tasty enchiladas suazas or (swiss), which is a white creme sauce covered enchilada platter that isrepparttar 149447 best thing onrepparttar 149448 menu.

The Power of the Meal

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Sincerepparttar beginning of time one aspect of human social experience has stood out asrepparttar 149444 ‘place to be’ for communication and family bonding:repparttar 149445 meal. In contemporary human liferepparttar 149446 evening dinner is oftenrepparttar 149447 only place and time that a family all sits down together. In tribal times (of course there are still tribes today)repparttar 149448 cooking of a slaughtered animal or cultivated vegetables broughtrepparttar 149449 group together to share ideas and feelings. Think about it these days; when you want to take someone out for a romantic date, meet business colleagues, get together with old friends and acquaintances, we go out for a bite to eat. What is it about sharing some food that puts us in such a relaxed and communicable state? Could it simply be science, andrepparttar 149450 fact that if you are tense when you eat,repparttar 149451 food doesn’t digest as well? Or, could it have some psychological basis having to do withrepparttar 149452 idea that you are sharing some life-giving sustenance with your fellow species instead of warring over it? Subconsciously do we recognizerepparttar 149453 facts that we will be able to live another day as well as sew healthy seeds for future generations?

Think of allrepparttar 149454 problems inrepparttar 149455 world today. Maybe if we all got together for a feast we could work out some practical solutions, say while sipping on coconut milk, or chewing on a loaf of bread. The current (14th) Dalai Lama is quoted as having said, “I sometimes think thatrepparttar 149456 act of bringing food is one ofrepparttar 149457 basic roots of all relationships.”

There is alsorepparttar 149458 idea of food as being a medium forrepparttar 149459 transferal of emotional energy. I am currently living with a friend who is very adept inrepparttar 149460 kitchen. He uses high quality ingredients and professional techniques, but he also followsrepparttar 149461 belief that what mood you are in,repparttar 149462 amount of effort and awareness you giverepparttar 149463 cooking process, andrepparttar 149464 love and gratitude that you feel forrepparttar 149465 ability to eat is imperative to making a good meal. I have read in a famous Hari Krishna cookbook as well as Taoist teachings howrepparttar 149466 actual emotions thatrepparttar 149467 cook feels when making a meal is transmitted intorepparttar 149468 food via chi energy. Feelings and food are both forms of energy. Native Americans believe that all thoughts and emotions are ‘alive’.

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