A film review

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

For those who have seenrepparttar movie “Disclosure”, they would have seen workplace harassment in a different light. The movie is based from John Grisham’s book ofrepparttar 146379 same title. The story is about a hard-working employee in line for a top position inrepparttar 146380 company. He later found out thatrepparttar 146381 position which was supposed to be his was given to another, a woman, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend who still has a thing for him. It goes on to evolve with her seducing him, and telling itrepparttar 146382 other way around when he refused to be seduced. And he shouting sexual harassment but no one believes. It continues on with manipulations and betrayals, and finallyrepparttar 146383 truth surfaces inrepparttar 146384 end…

What isrepparttar 146385 point ofrepparttar 146386 story? It basically tells about sexual harassment inrepparttar 146387 workplace, with a twist. As opposed torepparttar 146388 usual cases,repparttar 146389 man isrepparttar 146390 victim here. It is rare forrepparttar 146391 man to berepparttar 146392 victim but it happens. Everyone can berepparttar 146393 victim. In this case, power is used to be able to get away withrepparttar 146394 action done. The ones inrepparttar 146395 position isrepparttar 146396 one who gets away with these crimes as seen on books and movies. Stories like this are mostly based on reality. Making it known to people these instances happens and will continue to.

This does not only happen in books and films. This and other similar cases of harassment really inrepparttar 146397 workplace, in real life. It can be noted that in some of these cases, employees tend to just keep quiet about these things because of fear of losing their jobs that supports them and their families. Others are even being paid off to keep quiet. Some are threatened maybe. Whateverrepparttar 146398 reason is,repparttar 146399 victim cannot always have justice done. Those that seek it do not always get fair results.

What extreme sports are made of.

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

There was a time when there were just a few ski resorts. When skiing was just a seasonal hobby. As time goes on, more and more have been built and people have taken to skiing as a hobby. Withrepparttar ever growing competitions, ski resorts took to developing and creating more complicated and dangerous slopes to add more excitement torepparttar 146378 skiers. To keep up withrepparttar 146379 demands ofrepparttar 146380 people, these resorts added more challenges to their mountains to attractrepparttar 146381 people who are constantly seeking adventures. The more dangerous,repparttar 146382 better. Asrepparttar 146383 resorts continue to produce more thrills, skiers tended to come back for more. These persons never got tired of tryingrepparttar 146384 untried and comes back for more.

Extreme sports have evolved more inrepparttar 146385 years that passed. The dangerous becomes more dangerous. The difficult more difficult. All inrepparttar 146386 name of sport. People easily picked this up as they get tired ofrepparttar 146387 usual things that they repeated do. The danger has become a new frontier to conquer.

It is inrepparttar 146388 nature of people to like dangers andrepparttar 146389 fun that goes with it. That is why, skiing become a source of this when they got to feelrepparttar 146390 action in this sport. Some even go torepparttar 146391 extreme, makingrepparttar 146392 simple act of skiing as extreme sport. Doing things others do not usually do. Trying everything from plain sliding to jumps inrepparttar 146393 air, trying to test their capacity and their limitations. These people may be aware ofrepparttar 146394 dangers they are in but that isrepparttar 146395 thrill of it all. The danger is what drives them into doing these sports. This came to a point that laws have been made exclusively for these resorts andrepparttar 146396 people that goes to them.

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