A Year in the Life of a Writer

Written by Andy Walsh

For those of you who don't know what I'm about, here's a short summary.

I'm a writer living in England. I have written a novel, 'St Brodag's Isle', which is supported by a website (http://www.stbrodag.com) and a newsletter. 2002 is going to be my campaign year - a year in which I intend to make a living out of my writing. As I go throughrepparttar year, I'll be posting articles such as this one, which will detail repparttar 129662 step-by-step approach that I'm going to be taking. I'll be honest with my failures as well as my triumphs. And in a year's time I hope to be looking back at a year that exceeded my expectations.

Right, so what have I been up to in recent weeks? I'm glad you asked.

My subscription list has DOUBLED! Granted, I don't have a list of 20,000 members but I reckon that's not a bad performance since Christmas. And what about sales of my book? Well, again it's progress - long, hard, slow progress - but progress nonetheless. I won't be moving to Monaco just yet but I might be able to buy food next week!

Now, I'm going to let you intorepparttar 129663 secret of how I've made a difference to my subscription list. It's simply this - I've talked to a few people. Not just any old people. I've interviewed some published writers and promoted this to people and fan sites that I think will generate interest.


Written by Craig Lock

What is style and how do you acquire it? We all have a natural style. Style is simplyrepparttar way in which you put words together when you are writing. It is a reflection of your speaking and thinking habits. Clear, muddled? Some people write in short staccato sentences, sometimes even without using verbs. I believe style can reflect your personality, eg. serious, brusque, friendly, chatty, "whacky, breezy"... and so on.

In some ways, people can write differently torepparttar 129660 way they speak.

I don't usually speak much...but I use plenty of words in my writing!

Good style is essential in any writing.

You won't get published without good style.

It means writing with clarity and precision.

Writing is a craft which needs to be learned and practised, so be self critical.

I try to write simply and with little doses of my 'weird' or ' bizarre' (not bazaar) sense of humour and have written this article in a "short and sharp, punchy" style.

I also have a serious, yet simple style for my novels on South Africa. They are written "fromrepparttar 129661 heart" In a totally different style to this lesson/article's "brief, punchy and torepparttar 129662 point" style. I wrote ANGOLAN DAWN in a different style to my other novels to portrayrepparttar 129663 way an unsophisti- cated big word!) Angolan migrant labourer would seerepparttar 129664 world, think and speak.

In my non-fiction works, like this article and my self-help books, I try to write in a style that will best accomplish my writing aim: to "inform, entertain and hopefully even inspire people to reach out and become all they are CAPABLE of being".


Your style can vary from time to time to suitrepparttar 129665 subject.

A good writer is able to vary their style to suitrepparttar 129666 subject matter andthe publication concerned.

For example, use short simple sentences when writing for very young children.

When writing articles for magazines, keep them strictly factual and torepparttar 129667 point.

No room for my flowery sort of language!

Style varies from publication to publication.

Some prefer to stick strictly torepparttar 129668 facts ofrepparttar 129669 matter, while others allow their writers to digress.


That for me is good style.

TONE This reveals your unique personality. It means "how are you coming across" ? #

# Can I end a sentence with a "preppie"?

Is your tone angry, arrogant, breezy, sarcastic, bitter, ironic, cynical or informal? What do you think isrepparttar 129670 tone of this lesson (article)?

Tone may be used to inform or instruct.

You should use variety in your choice of rhythms.

In my non-fiction works, I try to write in a simple and unobtrusive style, withrepparttar 129671 odd "whacky" bit of humour thrown in to keeprepparttar 129672 reader entertained,as well as informed.

I believe anyone can improve their style by reading and writing more.

Look at how successful authors do it and make a mental note (I have no time for reading these days!).

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