A Workable Alternative to Term Limits

Written by Terry Mitchell

The end of another election once again brings into focusrepparttar problem of Washington politicians raising money and running for re-election as soon as they get into office. Many citizens and various government-accountability advocacy groups have done little more than complain from time to time. However, some of them, along with many members ofrepparttar 125917 media, have been pushing for term limits as a solution. But is that reallyrepparttar 125918 solution we need? Even with term limits, we would still be left withrepparttar 125919 same old problems, only in smaller doses, i.e., politicians would still be playingrepparttar 125920 same old campaigning and fund raising games for whatever amount of subsequent terms they are allowed. Also, we would still be stuck withrepparttar 125921 situation in which sitting Senators and Representatives (even those with no remaining terms forrepparttar 125922 office they hold) spend their time running for higher office. I say forget about term limits in Washington as I have a better solution. I call it “term interruptions.” Here's how it would work: No President/Vice President, Senator, or Representative could serve two consecutive terms inrepparttar 125923 same office and would have to sit out at least two years before being eligible for a different federal office although he/she could be elected to an unlimited number of terms in any number of federal offices. For example, a U.S. Representative could not succeed himself/herself in that office and would have to wait until he/she has been out of office for at least two years before being eligible for President/Vice President, a Senate seat, or any seat inrepparttar 125924 House of Representatives. In other words, a sitting President/Vice President, Senator, or Representative could not run for re-election and he/she could not run for any elective seat inrepparttar 125925 legislative or executive branches ofrepparttar 125926 federal government. That way, they could all focus on serving their constituents rather than getting re-elected. They could userepparttar 125927 two off-years for campaigning and raising money. However, this proposal could be problematic forrepparttar 125928 U.S. House of Representatives, since its members currently serve only two-year terms. Under my plan,repparttar 125929 House would see a complete turnover (all 435 members) every two years. Therefore, I would propose four-year terms for U.S. Representatives. Of course, we would still get a complete turnover inrepparttar 125930 House, only after every four years instead of every two years, so there would still be a problem.

How The Republicans Stole The 2004 US Election

Written by T.D. Roberts

When I first learned that George W. Bush wonrepparttar 2004 Presidential election, I was shocked. "How could that be?" I thought. This man is a criminal. How could America have done such a horrific thing? Keep this monster as President? He is a man who has caused an estimated 100 000 deaths in Iraq.

After November 2nd, bits and pieces ofrepparttar 125916 truth started surfacing. As intellectuals started investigating and uncoveringrepparttar 125917 evidence, it became clear that George W. and his regime committedrepparttar 125918 most heinous crime in American History, stealingrepparttar 125919 2004 Presidential election. In one night, they killed democracy inrepparttar 125920 United States of America.

Now,repparttar 125921 world must continue to deal with a right wing fundamentalist regime that is in control ofrepparttar 125922 most powerful and deadly military inrepparttar 125923 world.

The following is a very brief summary highlightingrepparttar 125924 evidence that has been accumulated proving that John kerry never had a chance of becoming President. The Republicans fixedrepparttar 125925 election so that George W. Bush would win.

The brief facts I have listed have been taken from many important research sites run by people dedicated to uncoveringrepparttar 125926 truth. Followingrepparttar 125927 summary, I have listed sites where I obtainedrepparttar 125928 evidence. Please go to these sites, read what has been uncovered and visitrepparttar 125929 important links to other research sites.

The world needs to know that George W. Bush never receivedrepparttar 125930 majority of electoral votes in 2000 and 2004 to be President. George W. and his crew are dangerous idealogs and complete frauds.

* "Electronic Voting Machines:

A bill was introduced inrepparttar 125931 House and Senate to outlaw these machines and require a paper printout, butrepparttar 125932 bill was stalled byrepparttar 125933 Republican Party, led by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and it was not allowed to come to a vote.

Shortly afterrepparttar 125934 November 2nd election, countless stories of problems withrepparttar 125935 machines began to surface.

Many people tried to vote for Kerry and said that whenrepparttar 125936 final confirmation screen came up, it said they voted for Bush.

Electronic Voting Machines were manufactured mainly byrepparttar 125937 two companies ESS and Diebold, supporters ofrepparttar 125938 Republican Party. It isrepparttar 125939 electronic machines that are easy to manipulate and easy to hack. Republican Walden O'Dell isrepparttar 125940 owner of Diebold and Republican Chuck Hagel isrepparttar 125941 owner of ESS. Both were openly committed to helping deliver electoral votes torepparttar 125942 President.

Inrepparttar 125943 states that had verifiable paper trails for their ballots,repparttar 125944 exit polls were virtuallyrepparttar 125945 same asrepparttar 125946 real results. However, inrepparttar 125947 battleground states where electronic voting machines and/or electronic tabulators were used,repparttar 125948 exit polls were mysteriously very different fromrepparttar 125949 final reported totals.

A U of PA professor stated that it is "impossible" thatrepparttar 125950 exit poll results could be as far off as they are.

Unusual results inrepparttar 125951 areas where computers were used: In Baker County, Florida, there are 12,887 registered voters, 69.3% of them Democrats and 24.3% of them Republicans. The vote was only 2,180 for Kerry and 7,738 for Bush. In a Democratic stronghold, 5 out of every 7 Democrats voted for Bush???

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