A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Believe

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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A Word Fitly Spoken
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11

Under All that We Think, Lives All We Believe, Likerepparttar 124177 Ultimate Veil of Our Spirits. ~ Antonio Machado
Believe: To exercise belief in, to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider; to be persuaded of a truth ~ Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

Such a small common word packs a plethora of meaning fromrepparttar 124178 non conventional torepparttar 124179 conventional. Usually deferred to a Religious segment of our Life, but with introspection let's look at where this word actually fits into our own Individuality in Life.

Consider everything in Your Life at this very moment IS in Your Life because of what You Believe. Now that makes it very personal and very simple. Some people have to see before they Believe, while others have to Believe before they see. Believing still wins out either way, for it forms our Life and molds our very Existence. What You Believe Today can change Tomorrow, and can change Your Tomorrows. Each Day we are evolving in what we Believe. Each Day we are adding to our Life in what we Believe, or not Believe.

Writing Newsletters Online: How to Get it Right

Written by Nick Usborne

A strange thing has been happening to newsletters online.

They have been turning into either a) promotional emails or b) web pages delivered by email.

I’m sure you know what I mean. Go back a couple of years and you could look forward to receiving your favorite newsletter inrepparttar knowledge thatrepparttar 124174 newsletter itself would contain some great content...something you could read and enjoy, or learn from.

You could openrepparttar 124175 newsletter in your email and read it, from beginning to end. There were articles, reviews or just personal rant...well written and interesting.

In short, there was real value, right there inrepparttar 124176 newsletter.

These newsletters, where significant value lies inrepparttar 124177 body ofrepparttar 124178 newsletter itself, are becoming harder and harder to find.

Instead, more and more companies and organizations are using their ‘newsletters’ as a promotional ploy to drive you to pages on their sites.

In one way, it’s understandable. As anyone with a newsletter knows, if you have one or two links to your site inrepparttar 124179 newsletter, your site traffic really spikes onrepparttar 124180 days you send outrepparttar 124181 newsletter.

When you see that, it’s tempting to optimizerepparttar 124182 entire newsletter – its format and content – as a means to drive additional traffic and generate more sales.

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