A Winning Web Site Requires Winning Words

Written by Oscar Bruce

Ever sit down to create that winning ad, publicity release or newsletter and couldn't come up withrepparttar right words or phrases? You will never make your future until you curerepparttar 129867 problem ofrepparttar 129868 Dialog Dilemma. And that means enlarging your personal powers of expression... inserting precision and persuasion to your promotional ideas as well as your personal communication.

The Internet Is a Money Maker In many waysrepparttar 129869 Web isrepparttar 129870 ultimate medium, but only for those who can deliver their message persuasively and convincingly. Your words must create desire and compel action. Repeated disappointment and non-production will berepparttar 129871 outcome if your words do not inspire action. You must getrepparttar 129872 order.

Winning Words How do you make your web site dazzle, charm and seduce? A truly distinctive and compelling Web site relies on successful semantics. Words and phrases carefully orchestrated to inspire feeling, then desire and finally "action". The decision to purchase and "do it now" - that isrepparttar 129873 total and final objective of your ad campaign in any form or place.

And what do you do?... How to know when you're a writer!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

It'srepparttar funniest thing. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I tell them, "I'm a writer." The standard response is, "No, really, what do you do?" Somehow, I always get lost inrepparttar 129865 conversation because I never expect that type of response. I end up floundering in hopes of someday finding a good response.

--- So, how do you know you're a real writer? ---

It has to be a certain look or smell that identifies you as a writer. Is itrepparttar 129866 turtleneck and mothball odor that give it away, or perhaps itsrepparttar 129867 old blue jeans you wear for a week or two.

Generally, my rule of thumb is if you can sell your ideas and make money writing, you're "a writer!" If you sit and write all day long and never sell anything, then "you write." So, in summary: "you write until you become a writer!"

But, this is very true! To become a writer, you have to write every day. You should think of a dozen or so topics and write about them. This will help you learn your style and develop your skills.

If you write, but are not yet a writer, here's an objective! Write, until you sell something. Once you getrepparttar 129868 money, pay your gas bill. Now, you're a writer! But, don't stop with just one article, keep going!

--- Hey Ed! Say something funny. ---

It just doesn't happen like that. I'm not a funny guy. If I sit down and design something funny, I can be hilarious. But, I can't just say something funny.

Onrepparttar 129869 other hand, ideas are things that just happen. But, developing and writing that idea takes work. The act of writing doesn't "just happen."

When writing about an idea, you have to researchrepparttar 129870 idea to determine if it's feasible. If it looks good, then you have to research it again to become an expert---or at least knowledgeable onrepparttar 129871 topic.

The other point to writing is that, even as a Technical Writer, you have to feelrepparttar 129872 writing. This goes back to one of my previous articles, "Natural Writing." You have to learn your verbal style before you can become comfortable with your written style. Once you understand your own style of communicating, stick with it as it'srepparttar 129873 most comfortable place to start. Let it evolve, but stay with it to ensure thatrepparttar 129874 writing feels good and flows.

--- And, have I read something you've written? ---

I don't even know if they can read much less if they've ever read something I've written. Ifrepparttar 129875 name rings a bell, probably so! The point is that most people won't know about you unless you write!

Become a prolific writer and write forrepparttar 129876 sake of writing. The more you write,repparttar 129877 better you become,repparttar 129878 more you publish, andrepparttar 129879 more people will read your work.

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