A Winning Domain Name

Written by Debra Gravelle

The domain name is one ofrepparttar most important decisions you will make when trying to win overrepparttar 108287 search engine dilemma. Try using at least one of your best keywords within your domain name. The search engine andrepparttar 108288 directories give higher preference when your domain name is relevant to your site content or theme. Let me give you an example of three different ways you could look at your domain name and howrepparttar 108289 major search engines will view them for indexing.

www.trafficnmore.com www.trafficNmore.com www.traffic-N-more.com

Which one would you have chosen?

www.trafficNmore.com, Right!

The search engines may not necessarily see it that way. Even though trafficNmore.com is easily understood byrepparttar 108290 eye ofrepparttar 108291 visitor,repparttar 108292 search engine will not seerepparttar 108293 difference between trafficnmore.com and trafficNmore.com. Both are good ranking for a site dealing with traffic issues. Even though you haverepparttar 108294 approval of your visitor looking for your information, you could get a higher ranking withrepparttar 108295 search engines by using www.traffic-N-more.com and still keeprepparttar 108296 eye appeal for your visitor.

Good Tips in Choosing a Solid Domain

Written by Gloria Cohen

What makes a good domain name? It’s a name that gives you a decisive edge over your competitors that they often find hard to surmount. Your position in your industry can often be dictated by how good your domain name is. Here are some solid characteristics of an effective domain name to get you started inrepparttar right direction.

Good domain names are easily memorable from casual conversation. Something that can be said once and be remembered instantly. A successful domain name sticks in your mind while an unsuccessful one requires much advertising to establish itself inrepparttar 108286 mind ofrepparttar 108287 consumer.

Applyrepparttar 108288 ‘Short and Simple’ theory when devising your domain name. Make it easy to remember, keep it straightforward, meaning thatrepparttar 108289 name speaks for itself about what you have to offer. The length should be shorter as people remember or rather recall shorter domain names than longer ones. Your domain name should be something that actually conveys only one idea about what you are. Limitrepparttar 108290 name to two words if possible, three words as an absolute maximum. Rememberrepparttar 108291 idea is to create domain names people can easily recall and type into their browser.

Go .COM atrepparttar 108292 end of your domain. Make it your priority to get a .COM name, as it has becomerepparttar 108293 default extension for most everyone. The.COM extension seems destined to remainrepparttar 108294 standard default extension for commercial websites, at least forrepparttar 108295 foreseeable future. Keep in mind that it’s second nature for Internet users to type in .COM in their browsers when they want to find any site.

Don’t add hyphens or special coding to your domain. No one will remember to put that hyphen or a space in an URL, therefore, if they try to locate your site without applying needed hyphens,repparttar 108296 obvious action to that result is that they won’t locate your website. When your website isn’t located because of an unusual or complicated domain name, it means one thing. The loss in sales. The point of a good domain name is to get those people flocking to your site to generate revenue.

Domain names should carry value. Always remember that perceived truth is more powerful thanrepparttar 108297 truth itself. A good domain name tends to heightenrepparttar 108298 perception ofrepparttar 108299 website’s value, sending a message that quality of your domain name reflects inrepparttar 108300 products and services you offer. Think of your domain name as a ‘headline’ of an article and people will likely judge and visit your site according to its domain name.

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