A Wedding in the Bahamas

Written by Ester Napoli

Do you envision your wedding in a tropical paradise? Perhaps you see yourself exchanging vows onrepparttar warm sand beside an aquamarine sea or sailing off intorepparttar 122023 sunset with ten of your dearest friends to enjoy a wedding feast andrepparttar 122024 spectacular scenery. If such a scenario appeals to you, a Bahamas wedding can make your dream come true.

In order to be eligible for a legal Bahamas wedding, you and your partner must spend one day inrepparttar 122025 Bahamas before submitting an application for a marriage license ($100). You must provide a photo ID. If you are widowed, you are required to providerepparttar 122026 death certificate of your spouse; if you are divorced, you must provide a document proving that you are legally divorced. You will also need to have proof of your arrival date inrepparttar 122027 Bahamas (your Bahamas Embarkation Card will do). It is recommended that you obtain a copy of your wedding certificate before you leaverepparttar 122028 Bahamas. It can be mailed to you if time is an issue but delays and complications have been frequently encountered. Once you arrive home, you will need this marriage certificate in order to obtain other legal documents.

Wedding packages are offered at most hotels and resorts inrepparttar 122029 Bahamas. Prices vary. Here are a few examples:

Thereís More to Wedding Invitations Than You Might Think

Written by Sara Haese

Everybody talks about wedding invitations, but what about allrepparttar other terms and items that are associated with them. Below are explanations of some ofrepparttar 122022 more common terms and items that youíll probably encounter while shopping for your invitations.

Seal n Send Invitations: This type of invitation is mailed to guests as a single-folded piece (without an envelope) havingrepparttar 122023 respond postcard attached torepparttar 122024 invitation by a perforation for easy removal. Sincerepparttar 122025 respond piece is a postcard, you will save on postage forrepparttar 122026 return mailing. Prices for this product normally include seals along with a printed return address on bothrepparttar 122027 back flap when initially mailingrepparttar 122028 invitation and onrepparttar 122029 perforated respond postcard.

Announcements: For those who wonít be invited to your wedding but you would still like them to know about your marriage, you can mail them an announcement card. They can be printed onrepparttar 122030 same paper as your invitation but mailed on your wedding day or immediately after withrepparttar 122031 wording stating that your wedding has already taken place.

Reception Cards: If there isnít enough room on your invitation for listingrepparttar 122032 details of your reception or if not all guests will be invited to attendrepparttar 122033 reception, reception cards can be ordered to match your invitations and then be included as a separate insert. Please keep in mind that this card could possibly add to your mailing cost since postage is based on weight.

Respond Cards: These cards are essential to planning for your dinner/reception since an accurate guest attendance count will be needed for food and seating preparations. The respond card along with its mailing envelope will be inserted with your invitation. Remember to include a postage stamp on this small envelope which will also have a mailing address already printed on it so all your guests have to do is fill outrepparttar 122034 card and mail it back byrepparttar 122035 date you have printed on it.

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