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Written by T.D. Roberts


This grassroots impeachment effort has launched a massive public education campaign through placement ofrepparttar people's call to impeach in major media outlets aroundrepparttar 125873 country.

This is a grassroots campaign that needs your help. The


Written by Jard DeVille

If you voted for George Bush inrepparttar recent election, you should stop complaining aboutrepparttar 125872 national budget crunch andrepparttar 125873 planned destruction of public education, Social Security, Medicare and Veteran Affairs. Ignorerepparttar 125874 wounding and death of so many service men and women andrepparttar 125875 looming war between civilizations that shall recruit a million more terrorists who haterepparttar 125876 way our government arms tyrants to dominate a billion miserable, poverty stricken people. After all, you got precisely what George Bush promised -- you got what you signed on for. You helped create a powerful movement away from our beloved Republic toward a ruthless American Empire ruled by a handful of powerful neo fascist aristocrats, neo con politicians and neo-zealot preachers who came together in a coup againstrepparttar 125877 people ofrepparttar 125878 United States. We now see multitudes of persons falling out ofrepparttar 125879 middle class; battered by subsistence wages, under financed schools, homelessness, poor medical care, a horrendous national debt and vanishing retirement plans. There shall be bloodshed forrepparttar 125880 next half century as much ofrepparttar 125881 world bands against us. Inrepparttar 125882 words of former Fed Chairman Paul Volker, “We face a looming financial, political and social disaster that is tied directly torepparttar 125883 Bush tax cuts andrepparttar 125884 expenses of a war fought for totally irresponsible reasons.”

Bush’s modus operandi in serving his robber baron supporters, is to pull government out ofrepparttar 125885 business of serving everyone except those withrepparttar 125886 clout to demand more and more from their reactionary politicians and fundamental preachers. After all, real human services require taxes that powerful manipulators don’t want to pay at all. Since taxes arerepparttar 125887 price we pay for civilization, they evidently believe thatrepparttar 125888 benefits of civilized living are greatly overrated. This is what Bush had in mind when he quipped that a dictatorship wasn’t such a bad idea -- providing he wasrepparttar 125889 dictator. One doesn’t have to be a Freudian analyst to recognize that many a jest concealsrepparttar 125890 truth as a means of maintaining deniability. One Bush scheme includes propagandizing naïve Americans into believing that our children are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq to extendrepparttar 125891 blessings of freedom there. Actually, torepparttar 125892 reactionaries now in power, democracy has become a quaint, much overrated concept fromrepparttar 125893 rural past. Freedom has already been overwhelmed by a tsunami of campaign money that leavesrepparttar 125894 people unable to control their politicians. And, withrepparttar 125895 intrusive presence of Homeland Security reaching down into every neighborhood, with someone like Roberto Gonzalesrepparttar 125896 Attorney General, do you really believe that right wing neo fascists are ever going to disband such a powerful command and control system? Not in our lifetimes, even if terrorism vanished tomorrow. No one relinquishes power willingly -- least of allrepparttar 125897 politicians and preachers who combine forces to gain control over society.

Actually, George Bush’s concept of freedom is to foist unrestricted Capitalism and Consumerism on developing societies to further enrichrepparttar 125898 financial aristocracy. It has nothing to do with Jeffersonian self-governance. It simply cannot; not with so

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