A Way for Search Engines to Improve

Written by Richard Zwicky

Wouldn't it be nice ifrepparttar search engines could comprehend our impressions of search results and adjust their databases accordingly? Properly optimized web pages would show up well in contextual searches and be rewarded with favorable reviews and listings. Pages which were spam or which had content that did not properly matchrepparttar 128132 query would get negative responses and be pushed down inrepparttar 128133 search results.

Well, this reality is much closer than you might think.

To date, most webmasters and search engine marketers have ignored or overlookedrepparttar 128134 importance of traffic as part of a search engine algorithm, and thus, not taken it into consideration as part of their search engine optimization strategy. However, that might soon change as search engines explore new methods to improve their search result offerings. Teoma and Alexa already employ traffic as a factor inrepparttar 128135 presentation of their search results. Teoma incorporatedrepparttar 128136 technology used by Direct Hit,repparttar 128137 first engine to use click through tracking and stickiness measurement as part of their ranking algorithm. More about Alexa below.

How can Traffic be a Factor?

Click popularity sorting algorithms track how many users click on a link and stickiness measurement calculates how long they stay at a website. Properly used and combined, this data can make it possible for users, via passive feedback, to help search engines organize and present relevant search results.

Click popularity is calculated by measuringrepparttar 128138 number of clicks each web site receives from a search engine's results page. The theory is thatrepparttar 128139 more oftenrepparttar 128140 search result is clicked,repparttar 128141 more popularrepparttar 128142 web site must be. For many enginesrepparttar 128143 click through calculation ends there. But forrepparttar 128144 search engines that have enabled toolbars,repparttar 128145 possibilities are enormous.

Stickiness measurement is a really great idea in theory,repparttar 128146 premise being that a user will clickrepparttar 128147 first result, and either spend time reading a relevant web page, or will click onrepparttar 128148 back button, and look atrepparttar 128149 next result. The longer a user spends on each page,repparttar 128150 more relevant it must be. This measurement does go a long way to fixingrepparttar 128151 problem with "spoofing" click popularity results. A great example of a search engine that uses this type of data in their algorithms is Alexa.

Alexa's algorithm is different fromrepparttar 128152 other search engines. Their click popularity algorithm collects traffic pattern data from their own site, partner sites, and also from their own toolbar. Alexa combines three distinct concepts: link popularity, click popularity and click depth. Its directory ranks related links based on popularity, so if your web site is popular, your site will be well placed in Alexa.

The Alexa toolbar doesn't just allow searches, it also reports on people's Internet navigation patterns. It records where people who userepparttar 128153 Alexa toolbar go. For example, their technology is able to build a profile of which web sites are popular inrepparttar 128154 context of which search topic, and displayrepparttar 128155 results sorted according to overall popularity onrepparttar 128156 Internet.

For example a user clicks a link to a "financial planner", butrepparttar 128157 web site content is an "online casino". They curse for a moment, sigh, and click back to get back torepparttar 128158 search results, and look atrepparttar 128159 next result;repparttar 128160 web site gets a low score. The next result is on topic, and they read 4 or 5 pages of content. This pattern is clearly identifiable and used by Alexa to help them sort results by popularity. The theory is thatrepparttar 128161 more page views a web page has,repparttar 128162 more useful a resource it must be. For example, follow this link today -

http://www.alexa.com/data/details/ traffic_details?q=&url=http://www.metamend.com/

- look atrepparttar 128163 traffic details chart, and then clickrepparttar 128164 "Go to site now" button. Repeatrepparttar 128165 procedure again tomorrow and you should see a spike in user traffic. This shows how Alexa ranks a web site for a single day.

Link Exchanges - What They Can Do For Your Business (Part 2)

Written by Martin Lemieux

Link Exchanges What can they do for your business! (Part 2)

By: Martin R. Lemieux __________________________________________

If you haven't read (part 1), please go here: http://www.smartads.info/articles/le/10.html _________________________________________________


For those of you who are trying to figure out if you should use an automated link promoter or just simply doing everything yourself:

Linking softwares are great (not really) I've tried 2 programs myself, and I must say that both attempts were a disaster! Now i'm not saying that eventually that there will be a perfect software out there to promote your link exchange program.

Right now, here are some ofrepparttar problems

- The links that you will find are not relavant to your site's content.

- Some links tend to be "Link Farms" that only harm your search engine performance.

- You'll tend to get millions of porn sites!

and so on... ---------------------------------------------------

Here's a method that holds very strong when I look for link partners:

--------------------------------------------------- When I find a great resource that has similar content to my site, I will browse through their ENTIRE "Resourceful Links" listed on their site and see if It's a good idea to link to them! ---------------------------------------------------

Here's another method of doing this effectively for best results:

--------------------------------------------------- If you happen to find a great resource, enter their entire "URL" in www.google.com.

What you need to look for is this: "Find web pages that link to www.this-site.com"

The Purpose Martin?

Once you click onrepparttar 128131 "pages that link to that site" you will find sites that already have a great link program related to your site!

Take advantage of linking to allrepparttar 128132 sites listed within that search on google! ---------------------------------------------------- PLEASE TRY TO AUTOMATE YOUR LINK EXCHANGE PROGRAM!

It get's very fustrating for an entrepreneur like me who is trying to have a really good source of link exchanges, especially when I have to e-mail my companies information manually!

Try adding a "Mail Script" that takesrepparttar 128133 link exchange information right from your site! You'll find that more sites will want to link to yours!

Here's an example of what your form should ask: =====================================>

Cont'd on page 2 ==>
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