Written by Victoria Elizabeth

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A WORD OR TWO ABOUT MUGWUMPS -- Where oh where haverepparttar mugwumps gone? --

If you think we're living in some "tough tiddy times", you could be right.

After all, whenrepparttar 118159 makers of "Wonderbread" and "Twinkies" have just declared bankcruptcy, it makes allrepparttar 118160 wafflers, whifflers, and wunderkins ofrepparttar 118161 world a tad nervous.

Not to be discouraged, it's time to look onrepparttar 118162 bright side of things. After all,repparttar 118163 arrival of mad cow disease just means there's a lot more opportunity to findrepparttar 118164 new love of your life inrepparttar 118165 organic veggie department at your local super-duper market. And, if that doesn't work, try hanging out inrepparttar 118166 tool section of your nearby big box home renovation store. That's where you're bound to bump into allrepparttar 118167 do-it-yourself pennypinchers who just adore swapping tall tales about their latest extreme-makeovers.

Anyway, where was I? Yes,repparttar 118168 mugwumps, well they're an endangered species.

It seems thatrepparttar 118169 world is only looking for cowboys these days. And, not just any cowboy will do thank you. Only those with a pronounced Texas drawl, an oil well onrepparttar 118170 back nine, and a long blunderbuss that will blastrepparttar 118171 heck out of varmints digging holes in well-manicured fairways, need apply.

Mugwumps, (formerly known as "great chiefs"), appear to have lost their pre-eminent position in pecking order of life. Fallen on hard times, they've become 'middle ofrepparttar 118172 road' blokes with their mug on one side of a white picket fence and their wump onrepparttar 118173 other.

Hurricanes have gone but political winds are blowing

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

Withinrepparttar last six weeks, that gusty quartet comprised of Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne has lustily serenaded Florida. A repeat performance is not inrepparttar 118158 foreseeable forecast - I hope.

It is not that I do not appreciate good music; it is because I do appreciate good music that I do not wish for a comeback of this quartet. The problem this quartet had, which many musical groups have, is they usually try to drown outrepparttar 118159 other ones inrepparttar 118160 group.

The damage in life and property during these last six weeks is beyond computation. The government has put a price onrepparttar 118161 damage but they are only guessing at this point, plus they do not factor inrepparttar 118162 horrendous damage torepparttar 118163 human spirit.

Not a few people will leave Florida to some safer, hurricane-free state (like Washington), leavingrepparttar 118164 rest of us to weatherrepparttar 118165 storms inrepparttar 118166 future. As for my wife and me, Florida is our prelude to heaven. The angels that will carry me to "Abraham's Bosom" already have my address and,repparttar 118167 good Lord willing andrepparttar 118168 creek don't rise, I'll be right here when they make their angelic appearance. I just hope they are not as noisy asrepparttar 118169 quartet we've had lately.

These storms were devastating to be sure and my prayers go to allrepparttar 118170 hurricane victims, whatever their damage in life and property. I'm sure many stories of heroism will emerge fromrepparttar 118171 rubble of these disasters.

In spite of all modern technology and gadget sophistication, we bow in reverence to nature inrepparttar 118172 face of a hurricane. This is an encouragement for all to look higher than man for help in troubled times. Some do not know who that "Higher Power" is, but I surely do.

Asrepparttar 118173 Gracious Mistress ofrepparttar 118174 Parsonage and Yours Truly huddled byrepparttar 118175 kerosene lantern, listening torepparttar 118176 hurricane howl outside, a thought fromrepparttar 118177 Bible gently blew into my inquiring mind. "The Lord hath his way inrepparttar 118178 whirlwind and inrepparttar 118179 storm, andrepparttar 118180 clouds arerepparttar 118181 dust of his feet." (Nahum 1:3 KJV.)

No matter how bad it looks, God always has His way in every circumstance or problem, which brings a lot of comfort to me during these traumatic days.

Then I entertained a marvelous thought. The next time one of my friends makes a snide remark torepparttar 118182 effect of my being long-winded, I will only say one word - Charley-Frances-Ivan-Jeanne, or CFIJ, for short.

I grant you, I have plenty of wind, asrepparttar 118183 length of my sermons will attest, but compared to hurricanes like CFIJ, I cannot blow out a candle. My friends will have to accede this point to me.

Although, contrary to some opinion, no link exists between a hurricane and me, I think I did find a suitable comparison. In my mind,repparttar 118184 only thing to measure up to a hurricane in velocity is a politician.

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