A Unique Way To Generate Consistent, Guaranteed Profits

Written by Daniel Tong

A Unique Way To Generate Consistent, Guaranteed Profits By Daniel Tong

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Are you happy withrepparttar returns you are receiving on your hard earned money? Like most people, you probably want your money to work harder for you.

You will be surprised to learn that you can actually do better, in terms of returns on funds employed and safety, than most fund managers - by using a little known technique called sports arbitrage.

Does arbitrage involve clairvoyance and being able to forseerepparttar 117014 future? Does it involve complex modeling to predictrepparttar 117015 outcome of a sporting event? No, it is none of these. Arbitrage is soundly rooted inrepparttar 117016 logic of mathematics. You do not have to be a sports expert or rocket scientist to be successful at arbitrage.

Arbitrage is well known inrepparttar 117017 financial markets. Arbitrage transactions are taking place allrepparttar 117018 time inrepparttar 117019 dealing rooms of large institutions. Unfortunately, ordinary investors will never have access to these arbitrage opportunities.

In contrast, arbitrage opportunities in sports betting are accessible to every sports bettor.

Withrepparttar 117020 phenomenal growth of online sports betting in recent years, anyone with a computer and internet access can now act on arbitrage opportunities inrepparttar 117021 sports betting markets. Many 'arbs' are of short duration and difficult to act upon unless you are constantly monitoringrepparttar 117022 markets or your email box for 'arbs' alerts! However, there are sufficient numbers of sizeable and stable 'arbs' ( lasting several hours or more) to make this an extremely profitable exercise, without requiring a great deal of time or effort on your part.

A small paradigm shift is all that is needed to appreciaterepparttar 117023 beauty of arbitrage - a 'sure win' situation and profits without involving any risk.

Every one wants quick windfall profits but look atrepparttar 117024 huge risks we often take - knowingly or unknowingly. The sad fact is that many honest, hard working investors have lost enormous amounts of money inrepparttar 117025 stock markets duringrepparttar 117026 past few years.

Sports arbitrage is easier and safer thanrepparttar 117027 stock markets and more profitable than bonds or bank deposits.

Putting on an arbitrage transaction is a 'no brainer' as compared to doing a trade inrepparttar 117028 stock, commodities or currency markets. After all, how stressful can it be when you have a situation where a profit is assured -regardless of which team or player wins!

Each arbitrage opportunity is unique andrepparttar 117029 profit margin will vary. It is entirely up to you to select those 'arbs' which you wish to put on - simply ignore those that do not meet your profit expectations.

You may ask "If there is a guaranteed profit, why not betrepparttar 117030 farm?" Good question. The answer is "No" because all sportsbooks have betting limits. This effectively limitsrepparttar 117031 size ofrepparttar 117032 arbitrage transactions we can put on. Asrepparttar 117033 sportsbooks have a thin edge overrepparttar 117034 bettors,repparttar 117035 ''Law of Large Numbers'' will work to their advantage inrepparttar 117036 long run -repparttar 117037 sportbooks actually prefer numerous small bets over a few large bets!

eBay Thieves Make Auctions Tougher

Written by Sydney Johnston

The online auction world was shocked byrepparttar biggest eBay fraud in its seven year history. What made it even more astonishing isrepparttar 117013 fact thatrepparttar 117014 crooked seller has a five history of successful sales on eBay, accompanied by thousands of glowing testimonials from satisfied buyers.

Stewart Richardson, owner of a Michigan store called Retired Figurine Exchange Inc., sold small figurines to eBay collectors, some of them costing thousands of dollars. The heart of eBay's seller-honesty system is "Feedback", which allows buyers and sellers to rate each other. Mr. Richardson earned 6,185 positive feedback points since he started selling on eBay in 1997, with an additional 58 negative and 56 neutral ratings from buyers who bought from him. These scores mean that 98% ofrepparttar 117015 sales Mr. Richardson made resulted in satisfied buyers.

Richardson posted large numbers of auctions which concluded early in January, supposedly selling hundreds of figurines from an estate sale. He apparently sold items he didn't possess, listedrepparttar 117016 same item multiple times and even contacted losers inrepparttar 117017 auctions, informing them thatrepparttar 117018 winners didn't pay and offering themrepparttar 117019 opportunity to buy. Then on January 17, he left for lunch and hasn't been seen since. Estimates of his stolen money range from $225,000-$400,000. Investigators later discovered that Richardson spent a total of about eight years in prison duringrepparttar 117020 late 1950s and 1960s for a number of felonies,repparttar 117021 most serious of which was assault with intent to commit murder.

Nor is herepparttar 117022 only high-profile crook. Brian D. Wildman was convicted of wire and mail fraud for selling valuable sports card sets ? but not delivering them as promised. Other sellers were indicted for attempting to sell a fake painting for $135,805. In another case, sellers themselves turned into a vigilante group, seeking justice from a 35 year old man who sold computers and then failed to deliver. The angry buyers apparently brokerepparttar 117023 law in their attempts to retrieve their money back fromrepparttar 117024 dishonest seller.

You and I are damaged by these reports. There are many people who are uneasy about internet sales in general, and these kinds of high-profile stories make it tougher for honest people. In truth, eBay claims that fraud includes only .01% of its transactions, but that isn't reassuring to a nervous buyer.

What can we do?

1. Plaster your identity everywhere. Put full contact information where all potential buyers can see it. Give as many ways to contact you as possible. Include your picture (and perhapsrepparttar 117025 dog and cat. :-) Choose anything that will let buyers see you as a real person with a stable life.

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