A Tip to the Beginning Internet Entrepreneur: Know What Marketing Means

Written by Rick Tanzo

Internet Marketing has been a buzzword for over a decade now, a short time by ordinary measure. And yet in terms of Internet reckoning, this is a very long time. Whatever, we always go back torepparttar origin ofrepparttar 150162 word marketing.

Marketing, as we know it, primarily concentrates on consumers . As Internet marketer, your responsibility is to determine your consumers' - or potential customers' - needs and desires. You then develop strategies - both online and offline - about your product's important features, persuade your potential customers to purchase your product, and make sure your customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Inrepparttar 150163 olden times marketers stopped withrepparttar 150164 sale of products and services. Today, successful marketers make it their strategy to sell to existing customers more than finding new buyers. Why? Because it is more profitable to sell to existing consumers than to new ones!

Why do I belabor this definition? Because in essence, that is what marketing is all about. If you understandrepparttar 150165 above definition, and I have highlightedrepparttar 150166 important keywords, your duties as Internet marketer is placed in correct perspective. With this atrepparttar 150167 back of your mind, there is no doubt you will become a profitable entrepreneur.

I’ve Got An Article To Submit, Now What Do I Do With It? (6 Tips)

Written by Jason DeVelvis

You submit it, that’s what you do! And submit it to as many article directories as you can. (More submissions = more exposure) But if you’re not up for submitting your article manually to over 100 sites, you should pick up a copy of ArticleAnnouncer. (http://www.GetArticleAnnouncer.com) It will submit your site to a ton of article directories, and you won’t have to do much work at all! If you plan on writing articles to increase your traffic, you NEED ArticleAnnouncer. It’s worth every penny. Or, you can submit torepparttar top 5 sites: (I want to stress that you should submit your articles to as many sites as possible in order to getrepparttar 150161 most traffic and publicity)

http://www.EzineArticles.com http://www.Content-Articles.com http://www.ArticleDepot.co.uk http://www.ArticlesFactory.com http://www.GoArticles.com.

If you want to submit by hand, and want to submit to more thanrepparttar 150162 5 sites listed above, head to http://www.arcanaweb.com/resources/article-directories.html and there’s a list of 100 (as ofrepparttar 150163 date this article was submitted). However, not all article sites are created equally. Here are my 6 tips of things to look for when you’re choosing which directories to submit to.

Tip #1 – Make surerepparttar 150164 site allows for SEO - Do they allow you to choose your own keywords? Ifrepparttar 150165 directory doesn’t allow you to choose keywords, you could possibly lose some SE traffic because of untargeted or less-targeted results. Entering your own keywords also helps with searches withinrepparttar 150166 site, ifrepparttar 150167 search operates on keywords.

- Do they put your keywords and article summary into meta tags? Yet again, this ability is great for SEO. It allowsrepparttar 150168 search engines to index your article more effectively, giving yourepparttar 150169 best traffic you can get to your article.

- Dorepparttar 150170 major search engines indexrepparttar 150171 site regularly? If a site isn’t indexed regularly, your article will take awhile to show up in search results. Not a huge deal, but it could delay some traffic.

Tip #2 – Make surerepparttar 150172 site offers RSS feeds - Do they allow your article's content to be syndicated? RSS Syndication is a big thing right now, because it makes it very easy for another site to feature your article’s title, body, and author. If a site doesn’t offer RSS, you may not want to waste your time posting there, as you probably won’t get as much traffic from them.

- Is syndication by category only, or can more parameters be submitted? Some sites allowrepparttar 150173 RSS feeds to be customized by category only. Others allow syndication by any combination of category, submission date, and author. This is very beneficial to you, because 1) your article could remain on a syndicated “archives” page, whererepparttar 150174 site getsrepparttar 150175 specific date RSS feed, and 2) you can have all of your work syndicated – sites can choose to be fed only your articles!

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