A Tip for Finding Willing, Quality Links

Written by TC Thorn

Google might not dominaterepparttar search engine world like it did last year, but it's still a big player and can account for a lot of your traffic. It's no secret that acquiring PageRank is a big part of doing well with Google. I've personally seen my own pages receive huge jumps in traffic after PageRank updates. By now, you probably know PageRank comes fromrepparttar 127957 number of incoming links to your web site;repparttar 127958 higherrepparttar 127959 PageRank ofrepparttar 127960 incoming links,repparttar 127961 more PageRank your site will receive.

The problem with link building campaigns is you rarely get out of them what you put in. You're doing pretty good if you get responses from one in four people you contact. In order to make things simpler, people often join traffic exchange programs, or simply post forms on their page and wait for link partners to come to them.

The problem with these methods is you often get offers from sites you don't particularly want to link with. Maybe they're selling something you'd rather not be associated with, or their site is brand-new and sloppily put together, and it's not going to be much of a boost to your PageRank. Now, I'm not saying you should never link to a new site, because today's PR-nothing could be tomorrow's PR 6 or 7. Rather, I just want to offer a tip to help you capitalize on your link hunting time.

Working with the robots.txt file

Written by Jagdeep.S.Pannu

Working withrepparttar robots.txt file

What isrepparttar 127956 robots.txt file?

Working withrepparttar 127957 robots.txt file

Advantages of robots.txt

Disadvantages ofrepparttar 127958 robots.txt file

Optimization ofrepparttar 127959 robots.txt file

Usingrepparttar 127960 robots.txt file

What isrepparttar 127961 robots.txt file?

The robots.txt file is an ASCII text file that has specific instructions for search engine robots about specific content that they are not allowed to index. These instructions arerepparttar 127962 deciding factor of how a search engine indexes your website's pages. The universal address ofrepparttar 127963 robots.txt file is: www.domain.com/robots.txt . This isrepparttar 127964 first file that a robot visits. It picks up instructions for indexingrepparttar 127965 site content and follows them. This file contains two text fields. Lets study this robots.txt example :

User-agent: * Disallow:

The User-agent field is for specifying robot name for whichrepparttar 127966 access policy follows inrepparttar 127967 Disallow field. Disallow field specifies URLs whichrepparttar 127968 specified robots have no access to. A robots.txt example :

User-agent: * Disallow: /

Here "*" means all robots and "/ " means all URLs. This is read as, " No access for any search engine to any URL" Since all URLs are preceded by "/ " so it bans access to all URLs when nothing follows after "/ ". If partial access has to be given, onlyrepparttar 127969 banned URL is specified inrepparttar 127970 Disallow field. Lets consider this robots.txt example :

# Research access for Googlebot. User-agent: Googlebot Disallow:

User-agent: * Disallow: /concepts/new/

Here we see that bothrepparttar 127971 fields have been repeated. Multiple commands can be given for different user agents in different lines. The above commands mean that all user agents are banned access to /concepts/new/ except Googlebot which has full access. Characters following # are ignored up torepparttar 127972 line termination as they are considered to be comments.

Working withrepparttar 127973 robots.txt file : -

The robots.txt file is always named in all lowercase (e.g. Robots.txt or robots.Txt is incorrect)

Wildcards are not supported in bothrepparttar 127974 fields. Only * can be used inrepparttar 127975 User-agent fields' command syntax because it is a special character denoting "all". Googlebot isrepparttar 127976 only robot that now supports some wildcard file extensions. Ref: http://www.google.com/webmasters/faq.html#12

The robots.txt file is an exclusion file meant for search engine robot reference and not obligatory for a website to function. An empty or absent file simply means that all robots are welcome to index any part ofrepparttar 127977 website.

Only one robots.txt file can be maintained per domain.

Website owners who do not have administrative rights cannot sometimes make a robots.txt file. In such situations,repparttar 127978 Robots Meta Tag can be configured which will solverepparttar 127979 same purpose. Here we must keep in mind that lately, questions have been raised about robot behavior regardingrepparttar 127980 Robot Meta Tag. Some robots might skip it altogether. Protocol makes it obligatory for all robots to start withrepparttar 127981 robots.txt thereby making itrepparttar 127982 default starting point for all robots.

Separate lines are required for specifying access to different user agents and Disallow field should not carry more than one command in a line inrepparttar 127983 robots.txt file. There is no limit torepparttar 127984 number of lines though i.e. bothrepparttar 127985 User-agent and Disallow fields can be repeated with different commands any number of times. Blank lines will also not work within a single record set of bothrepparttar 127986 commands.

Use lower-case for all robots.txt file content. Please also note that filenames on Unix systems are case sensitive. Be careful about case sensitivity when defining directory or files for Unix hosted domains. You can use this great tool to check your robots.txt from www.searchengineworld.com:

The robots.txt Validator

Please note thatrepparttar 127987 full path torepparttar 127988 robots.txt file must be entered inrepparttar 127989 field.

Advantages ofrepparttar 127990 robots.txt file : -

Protocol demands that all search engine robots start withrepparttar 127991 robots.txt file. This isrepparttar 127992 default entry point for robots ifrepparttar 127993 file is present. Specific instructions can be placed on this file to help index your site onrepparttar 127994 web. Major search engines will never violaterepparttar 127995 Standard for Robots Exclusion.

The robots.txt file can be used to keep out unwanted robots like email retrievers, image strippers etc. The robots.txt file can be used to specifyrepparttar 127996 directories on your server that you don't want robots to access and/or index e.g. temporary, cgi, and private/back-end directories. An absent robots.txt file could generate a 404 error and redirectrepparttar 127997 robot to your default 404 error page. Here it was noticed after careful research that sites that do not have a robots.txt file present and had a customized 404-error page, would serverepparttar 127998 same torepparttar 127999 robots. The robot is bound to treat it asrepparttar 128000 robots.txt file, which can confuse it's indexing. The robots.txt file is used to direct select robots to relevant pages to be indexed. This specially comes in handy whererepparttar 128001 site has multilingual content or whererepparttar 128002 robot is searching for only specific content. The need forrepparttar 128003 robots.txt file was also felt to stop robots from deluging servers with rapid-fire requests or re-indexingrepparttar 128004 same files repeatedly. If you have duplicate content on your site for any reason,repparttar 128005 same can be controlled from getting indexed. This will help you avoid any duplicate content penalties.

Disadvantages ofrepparttar 128006 robots.txt file : -

Careless handling of directory and filenames can lead hackers to snoop around your site by studyingrepparttar 128007 robots.txt file, as you sometimes may also list filenames and directories that have classified content. This is not a serious issue as deploying some effective security checks torepparttar 128008 content in question can take care of it. For example if you have your traffic log on your site on a URL such as www.domain.com/stats/index.htm which you do not want robots to index, then you would have to add a command to your robots.txt file. As an example:

User-agent: * Disallow: /stats/

However, it is easy for a snooper to guess what you are trying to hide and simply typingrepparttar 128009 URL www.domain.com/stats in his browser would enable access torepparttar 128010 same. This calls for one ofrepparttar 128011 following remedies -

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