A Timeless, Tried and True Formula for Achieving Big Results

Written by Gabriel Nijmeh

A Timeless, Tried and True Formula for Achieving Big Results by Gabriel Nijmeh

Reflect back on some of your greatest success and achievements. How did you think? Act? How did you get there?

You started off with a dream or a vision that caused you a burning desire. You know it, feel it- that gut feeling is telling you to do it, jump into action. Like a tiger eyeing its prey with pinpoint focus. I bet you have felt this way before.

Do you recognize these three personal drivers: Thought, Desire, Action. These drivers are within you, ready to be explored and developed. All three attributes go hand in hand in achievingrepparttar goals you set for yourself. Achievingrepparttar 123943 success that you want is a mindset, an attitude that you need to continually nurture and develop. It is a never-ending process that allows us to keep improving our lives.

Can you do it yourself? You are not alone.

Itís important to surround yourself in a positive environment where growth, encouragement and success is unbounded and championed. Negative thoughts taint your mind causing self-doubt and second-guessing of your thoughts, desires and actions. No one hasrepparttar 123944 right to kill your dreams before youíve had a chance to advance them.

Also, donít get caught in a mind trap that I call "thoughtless" thinking. What do I mean? Your thought patterns become routine and automatic. You do thingsrepparttar 123945 same way, over and over because that is what is expected and that is how it has always been done. This isrepparttar 123946 easiest way and fastest way to get stuck in a rut, never to advance.

Progression will never occur when thinking becomes stuck on a narrow track. You need to break out of that thought process and allow yourself room to think and grow.

The rise ofrepparttar 123947 Internet is a great example of how dreams and vision were explored and played out. Sure, there were quite a number of failures but these failures are lessons that have becomerepparttar 123948 next thought form. Without trying and expanding your thinking, how will you know if you will ever achieve success? Itís only natural to want to get a feel for things and to build confidence. Start small and start slowly but make sure you get started.

Letís now take a closer look atrepparttar 123949 three drivers that we have all experienced and continue to use in our lives. Embracing these three drivers will continue to bring success, happiness and an abundant life.


Written by Lee Wise

PERSISTENCE ©Lee Wise 2002

I couldn't believe it -- I placed! My first swim meet. I felt GREAT!!

In fact, I felt so great that I decided to join South Bend's local AAU swim team.

Me, an AAU swimmer! The more I swamrepparttar more I was enjoying myself. I could see myself "winning."

One problem: I also maderepparttar 123942 freshman football team. Normally, that would not be a difficulty except for one thing ...

I knew I couldn't be excellent in both sports.


I said, "I'm going to swim and that's it. No more football."

And that's exactly what I did. Forrepparttar 123943 next four years I swam. I swam in swim season and I swam inrepparttar 123944 summer.

I was relentlessly persistent!


Persistence is a combination of these forces working together.

*Our desires. *Our commitment. *And a series of decisions to act!

Persistence isrepparttar 123945 "fuel" that propels us toward achieving what we value most in life.


Back to my story. I had a *strong* desire. I wanted to win. I wanted to be on that starting block, hearrepparttar 123946 gun fire, enterrepparttar 123947 water ...

And win!


But I knew it would take one thing: commitment. I maderepparttar 123948 commitment to work like crazy because I wanted to *excel* at my sport.

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