A Time To Celebrate

Written by John Cali

A Time To Celebrate John Cali

Some of you know I live in northwestern Wyoming just outsiderepparttar USAís Yellowstone National Park. My little town is inrepparttar 122258 Big Horn Basin, which is actually a huge valley betweenrepparttar 122259 Big Horn Mountains onrepparttar 122260 east andrepparttar 122261 Absaroka Mountains onrepparttar 122262 west.

Last Saturday nightrepparttar 122263 weather turned cold, andrepparttar 122264 famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) Wyoming wind howled all night long. Inrepparttar 122265 morning I awoke to a hushed landscape.

The wind had calmed, andrepparttar 122266 mountains and valley were covered with a bright and beautiful blanket of freshly fallen snow. Even though it was only October 24, it was a winter wonderland. Winter comes early in this high country.

But I love winter. Itís my favorite season. Although, since we have readers all over world, I know for many of you this time of year isrepparttar 122267 advent of spring and summer.

Anyway,repparttar 122268 snow reminded me ofrepparttar 122269 upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving (inrepparttar 122270 USA) comes next month. And then, of course, Christmas in December. Since I can first remember, Iíve always loved those two holidays, especially Christmas.

Iím no longer a Christian in any traditional sense. But my large Italian family always made a big deal of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have many warm and wonderful memories of growing up in that loving, nurturing environment.

Whether you celebrate either of those two days or not, this certainly is a time of celebration for many. And for me, at this point in my life, every day is a time to celebrate. But November and December are special because many folks besides me are also in a celebrating mood. But not everyone.

This year Iíll spend Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. My son and daughter-in-law are in Africa for a couple of years. And most ofrepparttar 122271 rest of my family is back inrepparttar 122272 eastern USA, about 2,000 miles away. Also, I have work commitments which will keep me in Wyoming this holiday season. But I will be going back East in early January for a belated holiday celebration with my family.

I will still find great joy in this season, alone or not. But many others, even those not alone, will findrepparttar 122273 holidays a depressing and stressing time. Several of my family often say they canít wait until December 26 when it will all be over.

How to Survive Christmas using the Tarot

Written by Toni Allen

Christmas,repparttar season of goodwill and cheer is nearly upon us. Whether one loves it or hates it there is no avoiding it. Many people try to escape it by flying off to sunny seasides in an attempt to rid themselves of tinsel mayhem and misery. Yet try as they might they are still dealing with Christmas, still acknowledging its inevitable existence and making plans to avoid it.

It's around this time of year, late October, maybe a little earlier, when Christmas starts to show itself in many, many readings. What I'd like to share with you are which key tarot cards to look out for that can depict Christmas, andrepparttar 122257 type of events going on around it.

One ofrepparttar 122258 most pertinent tarot cards for depicting Christmas isrepparttar 122259 Ten of Coins as it symbolises what I callrepparttar 122260 "hierarchical family". This is Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters, grannies and grandads, aunts and uncles,repparttar 122261 cat,repparttar 122262 dog,repparttar 122263 new boyfriend,repparttar 122264 difficult wife,repparttar 122265 screaming babies,repparttar 122266 noisy toddlers andrepparttar 122267 long lost relatives. If they are in any way related to your family, whether through blood or marriage, then they are symbolised byrepparttar 122268 ten of coins.

The Ten of Coins tarot card not only depictsrepparttar 122269 people but alsorepparttar 122270 family values, beliefs and dynamics. This, along withrepparttar 122271 actual people, is what starts to become important when predicting what type of Christmas any individual is likely to experience. One member ofrepparttar 122272 family might desire a traditional Christmas dinner while another might want something less exacting.

The next most important card isrepparttar 122273 Nine of Cups. This tarot card symbolises parties and get togethers in which people generally have a few drinks, socialise, and are friendly and animated.

Putrepparttar 122274 Ten of Coins together withrepparttar 122275 Nine of Cups and we find a lovely fun filled Christmas.

Next one needs to take into consideration which family member this reading is for, what part are they playing inrepparttar 122276 family festivities?

One woman hadrepparttar 122277 Ten of Batons leading up torepparttar 122278 Ten of Coins andrepparttar 122279 Nine of Cups. The Ten of Batons in Tarot symbolises excessive burdens and responsibilities, running around after other people and forgetting about oneself. This woman wasrepparttar 122280 mother of all mothers, from October until early January busy shopping, cooking and organising so that her extensive family could have a wonderful Christmas. When I suggested that she might wish to sharerepparttar 122281 burden she came up with two comments: that she preferred to have people come to her home, and that she wasrepparttar 122282 only one who was capable and that no-one else would bother.

Looking at Christmas from another perspective was a reading for a woman whose sister-in-law was much likerepparttar 122283 previous woman. She had her Christmas day shrouded byrepparttar 122284 Three of Coins reversed. This card symbolises being weak willed and subservient, an unwilling servant who does not haverepparttar 122285 ability to stand up for their own needs. "My husband wouldn't dare defy his sister and not go to her Christmas do," she said wearily. "I just keep quiet and get on with it."

There are many other characters within any family, here are just a few examples of what I have seen, and what kind of gifts they might, or might, not appreciate.

The Queen of Swords: This card is traditionally "The divorced, widowed, embittered woman." Around Christmas time she generally shows her face asrepparttar 122286 unpopular wife of a much loved son,repparttar 122287 mother-in-law, or a much older woman, such as a grandmother, who is on her own in life. Gift type: Usually this type of person is never satisfied with anything. If you give them a gift voucher they say you haven't bothered, if you take flowers they complain that they will die and shed upon their floor. Best to take them a bottle of wine and get them drunk. This might exacerbate their poison tongue but it might also send them to sleep.

The Queen of Cups: This isrepparttar 122288 tarot card ofrepparttar 122289 perfect mother and good cook! Gift type: Take her something personal and special. She has enough pots and pans and homely type things, so something beautiful that she wouldn't buy for herself. Anything from perfume, to a silk scarf, to a pamper day at a local health farm.

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