A Theme-Based Website, Part 3- Choosing Affiliate Programs

Written by Julie Georg

In parts 1 & 2 , I determined that developing a theme-based site is a great way to generate income. It's going to be a WINing situation forrepparttar search engines, my visitors, my merchants and ME. I've chosen a theme that I know (or can find out about) and love. I've found lots of keywords that are related to my theme and have lots of ideas for good content to offer my visitors. Now I need to find merchants who sell products, programs or services that are appropriate for my site and will fit with my content.

Once again, I'm going to look at my list of keywords. Since people are going to use these words to search and I've used them to write my "keyword focused" content for each page of my site... it only makes sense thatrepparttar 128024 products and services I want to represent should also be related to these keywords. That will help me to seamlessly recommendrepparttar 128025 product within my content and really use my content to presell.

There are several ways to find merchants.

Technique 1: I'll do a search on my keywords at several ofrepparttar 128026 engines - Google, AltaVista, Overture, or any ofrepparttar 128027 others. Then I'll have a quick look atrepparttar 128028 first ten or twenty listings. If I use SiteBuildIt!,repparttar 128029 Manager will automatically show me ten related sites for each keyword. (You can takerepparttar 128030 quick tour of SBI! at... http://quicktour.sitesell.com/assist3.html ) Wherever you getrepparttar 128031 listings, some will be merchants, while other are content sites. (Of course some are always irrelevant. Lots of room for my theme-based site!) I'm going to take a look atrepparttar 128032 merchants' sites and see if they have something I'd like to offer my visitors and if they have an affiliate program. If so, great. They go on my "keep in mind" merchant list for that keyword. Next I can explorerepparttar 128033 content sites. Maybe I'll find ideas for content, but I'm mainly here to see if THEY link to any merchants. If so, I can click through and see what I find. Can you seerepparttar 128034 beauty of this? I'm going to have content ideas and possible merchants all organized by keyword. That's going to make things pretty easy when I go to build my "keyword focused" pages, no?

A Theme-Based Website, Part 5- Promoting The Site

Written by Julie Georg

All right, we're going to wrap this up. I now have a terrific theme-based site, jam-paked with high value content and built to feed those search engine spiders. However, my site is going to just sit in web space if I don't do some work to promote it. Fortunately, I'm well prepared. My site is optimized for listing withrepparttar search engines. I have hundreds of keywords to use for Pay-per- Click engines and my content is theme-focused and OVER- delivers so directories should have no problem listing my site. Let's take these one at a time.

Search Engines: The most important thing I need to do is submit my pages torepparttar 128023 major search engines. They will deliver, by far,repparttar 128024 most traffic to my site. I'll submit to AltaVista, Excite, Google, HotBot, Lycos and NorthernLight. Each has it's own policies, which I need to be sure to follow. Then I'll check my site's log files, to see which of their spiders have visited, and which pages they took back torepparttar 128025 engine. If I don't see an engine's spider within a certain amount of time after submitting, I'll resubmit, according to each engine's acceptable limits. Next, I'll watch for when each of my pages has been indexed (listed byrepparttar 128026 engine). All this takes a lot of effort and time, so I might consider a service like Position Agent ... http://www.positionagent.com , although it's not cheap and not allrepparttar 128027 engines are covered. Or I could try AgentWebRankingSuite... http://www.aadsoft.com/agentwebranking/ranks.htm , which is free and runs on my computer. Or, if I've built my site with SiteBuildIt!... http://buildit.sitesell.com/assist3.html , it will do allrepparttar 128028 submitting, spider-spotting, index-checking and rank- tracking for me.

I'll use this information to tweak my pages. I may adjust lower ranking pages to be more like higher ranking ones. I'll probably experiment a bit with changing keywords in META tags or playing with keyword density, maybe increasing or decreasing content. It's tedious, but I know thatrepparttar 128029 engines will deliverrepparttar 128030 most traffic to my site. I'll tweak until at least half my pages are inrepparttar 128031 top ten on halfrepparttar 128032 engines. Any more tweaking after that is probably pointless becauserepparttar 128033 engines will occationally change their ranking formulas and things will move around, usually evening out inrepparttar 128034 long run. I'm better off adding more high-value content pages to my site than continually tweaking.

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