A Tea-Lover's Soul Weed

Written by Jenny Harker

We gardeners spend hours yanking weeds out of our precious flowerbeds. To be honest, I enjoy weeding. I find it relaxing. I suspect quite a few of my fellow gardeners would agree.

Recently I discovered an annoying weed I haven't been able to defeat is in truth a sheer delight. I speak ofrepparttar humble Pineapple Weed.

Matricaria matricioides! A big name for a weed found in waste areas. But its scientific name is actually touching once defined.

'Matricaria' stems fromrepparttar 148176 Latin matrix meaning 'mother' while 'caria' is Latin for 'dear'. This gives us 'mother dear'.

This name refers torepparttar 148177 medicinal use of pineapple weed for easingrepparttar 148178 pain ofrepparttar 148179 menstrual cycle, as well as for treating colic in babies.

Pineapple weed can sootherepparttar 148180 pain of being a woman, a mother, or a baby (which helps Mom even more).

This plant's green fern-like foliage and oval greenish yellow flowers often cause people to mistake it for its close relativerepparttar 148181 chamomile plant. Pineapple weed looks like chamomile while in bud, only this weed's homely flowers never producerepparttar 148182 flashy white petals of its famous cousin.

Visit this link to see a photo: http://www.wssa.net/photo&info/bmp/pineapple.weed.plant.jpg

This native annual of Western America makes its stubborn presence known from May to November. It grows in cracks in sidewalks, parking lots, in any plot of dry earth trampled by we humans. The pineapple weed has spread clear acrossrepparttar 148183 Atlantic to Europe.

I discoveredrepparttar 148184 hidden charm of this weed while pulling a group out ofrepparttar 148185 ground. The crushed leaves actually give offrepparttar 148186 fruity scent of pineapple.

Intrigued, I did some research. I learned this weed is not only edible, withrepparttar 148187 same soothing qualities as chamomile, but was also a big hit withrepparttar 148188 Native Americans way back when.

Native Americans traded goods for pineapple weed. The plant was used as a perfume as well as a big repellant. Dried plants were sprinkled onto meat to keep off flies.

But what caught my attention while researching isrepparttar 148189 fact this weed is often brewed as a tea.

Being a devout tea-drinker this delighted me. I already make tea from my peppermint plants. Why not put this pesky weed to good use?

After rinsing three dusty plants inrepparttar 148190 sink I brewed a pot of pineapple weed tea by pouring freshly boiled water into a tea strainer holding flower heads fromrepparttar 148191 plants (the leaves can also be used but they add a bitter note torepparttar 148192 brew). I allowedrepparttar 148193 tea to steep for three minutes before removingrepparttar 148194 strainer fromrepparttar 148195 pot.

Introduction to Plant Grow Chambers

Written by Kirk Gordon

Technically, grow chambers are not classified as a hydroponics growing technique. It's actually a housing or a container forrepparttar hydroponics system, accessories and lighting fixture.

Grow chambers are perfect forrepparttar 148015 home grower becauserepparttar 148016 system is enclosed, putting everything in one container and out of view. Of course, keeping your grow space nice and neat is only one ofrepparttar 148017 many benefits a grow chamber offers.

Some systems are approximatelyrepparttar 148018 size of a refrigerator allowing you to grow your plants in one side ofrepparttar 148019 chamber and mother plant with clones inrepparttar 148020 other. Grow chambers varies in size. The Phototron, for example, is much smaller thanrepparttar 148021 PowerGrow system. Phototron lights illuminate plants fromrepparttar 148022 side because they are placed vertically inrepparttar 148023 cube. Placing light vertically illuminaterepparttar 148024 whole plant without lost of lumens onrepparttar 148025 lower section of plants.

Most systems are built with a reflective interior to efficiently distribute light and increaserepparttar 148026 amount of lumens reachingrepparttar 148027 plants, resulting in a higher yield. Some systems are build with Foylon reflective interior to maximize luminescence to 99% light reflectivity.

A Co2 tank may be added to increase Carbon dioxide. If you paid attention in biology, you should know that plants intake Co2 and release oxygen. The system usually comes with built in ventilation for removing stale air and prevent heat build up. Some systems use VHO (Very High Output) fluorescent bulbs which does not generate as much heat as HID's or HPS lamps, but still offer a high lumen output. Using cool burning lamps allow you to placerepparttar 148028 plants closer torepparttar 148029 lights for maximum intensity without burning tender foliage.

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