A Successful Affiliate Program

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

Two Christmases ago I tugged on one of those paper crackers and after a small bang, out opped a piece of yellow paperrepparttar size of a credit card.

On one side was a riddle that didn't make much sense, but onrepparttar 136539 other side was an 'Inspirational Quote' that made a lot of sense.

So much so, that I still have it in my wallet.

This is what it said: "The shortest and best way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it is in their interests to promote yours".

I'm constantly amazed to see affiliate programs that offer 20%, or even as little as 15%, to their affiliates.

It is generally accepted thatrepparttar 136540 production of any information product is only 10 percent ofrepparttar 136541 whole process.

What'srepparttar 136542 other 90 per cent? Marketing!

My own affiliate program gives 50% commissions, and I wouldn't dream of offering less. After all, who makesrepparttar 136543 sale - me orrepparttar 136544 affiliate?

Progressive Health Affiliate Program

Written by Ratliff J.

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