A Strategic Fifth Column

Written by Gerald L. Campbell

A Strategic Fifth Column by Gerald L. Campbell Senior Advisor torepparttar Director United States Information Agency, 1985-1990 Washington Times (July 7, 2003)

John Quincy Adams wrote that America's destiny was to berepparttar 126026 "beacon onrepparttar 126027 summit ofrepparttar 126028 mountain, to which allrepparttar 126029 inhabitants ofrepparttar 126030 earth may turn their eyes for a genial and saving light - a light of admonition torepparttar 126031 rulers of men, and a light of salvation and redemption torepparttar 126032 oppressed."

New significance has been given those words byrepparttar 126033 splendid military tactics that obliteratedrepparttar 126034 Taliban, seriously degraded al Quaeda, and decapitated Saddam's regime. Torepparttar 126035 oppressor, an ultimate warning has been issued. Torepparttar 126036 oppressed, history has given birth to a new springtime of hope.

Unlike anything that has gone before, America's military power has demonstrated a remarkable ability to discriminate betweenrepparttar 126037 tyrant andrepparttar 126038 innocent. The Goddess of Justice smiles more favorably uponrepparttar 126039 oppressed. The long-suffering dream emblazoned inrepparttar 126040 hearts of our common humanity - a dream for individual dignity, human solidarity, and freedom - stands poised to blossom anew asrepparttar 126041 age-old sanctuary for despots stands more naked and vulnerable than ever.

But, to fully seizerepparttar 126042 moment, we must do more than fight a tactical war against terrorists, and their networks and state sponsors. We must also takerepparttar 126043 strategic offensive. We must summon with renewed vigor our moral resources and reaffirm our unique position in world history. America must reach out torepparttar 126044 'hearts and minds' of people aroundrepparttar 126045 world and transform this latest phase ofrepparttar 126046 war against terrorism into a struggle forrepparttar 126047 freedom and dignity of man. Why is this so?

The tactics ofrepparttar 126048 terrorists are clear. They want to damage our economic infrastructure and threatenrepparttar 126049 lives of innocent people with weapons of mass destruction. Overseas, they seek to fracture alliances and turn cultures and religions against us by marketing their ruthless nihilism as an inevitable 'clash of civilizations.'

But strategically their aim runs much deeper. It is to spread fear and destroy freedom. They know that fear will subvert our freedoms and force us to disengage fromrepparttar 126050 rest ofrepparttar 126051 world. And so, this contest is essentially aboutrepparttar 126052 future of freedom.

But therein lies our enemy's Achilles heel. Forrepparttar 126053 best antidote to fear is freedom itself. And while terrorists must fight skulking inrepparttar 126054 shadows, America can struggle openly with words and deeds that truly resonate withrepparttar 126055 freedom and dignity of man, regardless of nationality, culture, or religion.

America has an intrinsic bond with all humanity andrepparttar 126056 transcendent cornerstone of that bond is freedom. Freedom, so regarded, is not a mere ideal or option contingent upon political consensus. It is not a commodity selfishly deduced from an utilitarian or hedonistic urge. Nor is itrepparttar 126057 product of certain cultures or religions. Freedom is existentially rooted inrepparttar 126058 human person and from that source emanates a purposeful dynamism that strives to give substance to history itself. And this common birthright has particular significance today.

Clarification of UN Verification

Written by Gerald L. Campbell

Clarification of UN Verification by Gerald L. Campbell Senior Advisor torepparttar Director United States Information Agency, 1985-1990

I've been frustrated for some time thatrepparttar 126025 administration, foreign leaders, andrepparttar 126026 press have been referring torepparttar 126027 UN personnel charged with determining whether Iraq is complying with UN Resolution 1441 as 'inspectors'. An inspector is one who searches for clues. This is not whatrepparttar 126028 UN team is supposed to do. Their purpose is altogether different.

'Prove' and 'verify' -- these arerepparttar 126029 key operative words. To date, direct and precise dialogue has not taken place. Confusion abounds.

The UN people are charged with onlyrepparttar 126030 task of verifying that Iraq has satisfactorily accounted forrepparttar 126031 existence of their radiological, chemical, or biological weapons capability. They should be called "Verifiers". We already know beyond doubt that these weapons did at one time exist. The question now is: where are they or what happened to them. Becauserepparttar 126032 UN 'verifiers' have been erroneously called 'inspectors'repparttar 126033 perception now exists that these UN personnel need more time to do their job, 'to find more clues'.

Does Iraq need more time to comply withrepparttar 126034 UN mandate to prove that they have destroyed their weapons? Or, have they had enough time? The simple truth is that they would not need more time ifrepparttar 126035 public perception of their task was as 'verifiers'. The question is not about whetherrepparttar 126036 inspectors need more time or whether their numbers need to be expanded. The question is about Iraq demonstrating torepparttar 126037 world what happened to these weapons.

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