A Special Man's Triumph In The Gold Rush!

Written by Richard Bolduc

Thomas F. Seymour is a 48 year old man, from West Hartford CT. He was diagnosed with polio as a child. Thomas has never really hadrepparttar use of his legs. He has also been burdened his entire life with allrepparttar 117914 other challenges that polio can bring with it.

The day I met Thomas at his home forrepparttar 117915 first time, he was inrepparttar 117916 middle of his yard spreading a pile of mulch, 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall. He did this while seated onrepparttar 117917 ground with a shovel. He looked up at me, and smiled, as he said "Good Day." I then took notice of a garden of wild flowers and vegetables, impressive enough to make any farmer jealous.

I just had to think ofrepparttar 117918 obstacles that he has had to overcome every day of his life. Daily tasks, most of us take for granted, can be time consuming and tough for someone with Thomas' disability. I have never seen Thomas complain, or allow himself to be set back by challenges.

The perspective from a man like Thomas F. Seymour has on success, is from a much different point of view. It is a perspective all of us can learn from.

Thomas told me, when we first met, that all he wanted was "money, coming to him, inrepparttar 117919 mail from everywhere","I would rather take only a dollar from thousands of people than to take a thousand dollars from one." Said Thomas. With this idea in mind he started his first online business "The Gold Link." http://www.tgoldlink.com.

He was easily able to cornerrepparttar 117920 price on high quality solid 14kt Italian gold, with an Internet low of $10 per gram. His pricing allowed Thomas a very competitive position in his online venture. He now hadrepparttar 117921 best place to get gold onrepparttar 117922 Internet, but ... it was hidden inrepparttar 117923 woods.

The first real obstacle Thomas ran into was getting traffic to his online store. For 3 years Thomas persisted withrepparttar 117924 Gold Link withrepparttar 117925 credit card processing fees and webhosting fees eating into his low monthly profits. To make things worse he invested a great deal of money with many ineffective Internet marketer's.

His turn around came, when he saw an ad for "Guaranteed Front Page Placement in allrepparttar 117926 Major Search Engines for under $100." (This can be found at http://www.rhinosweb.com/frontpage.html)

Start Your Own Business, It's Easier Than You Think

Written by Lisa Lake

Here we go again. The economy is slowing down and big companies are laying people off right and left. Rather than cowering in a corner waiting forrepparttar axe to fall, get out there and do something to make your future bright.

Start your own business.

But isn't it nuts to start a business when times are tight? Not at all. Many of today's huge corporations started out in someone's basement duringrepparttar 117913 height ofrepparttar 117914 Great Depression when one in three people were destitute. Now those were tough times, yet great new businesses were born and thrived.

And don't you need a big bankroll or at least a line of credit at your bank? Nope. Halfrepparttar 117915 companies onrepparttar 117916 Fortune 500 started with just a few thousand dollars. Many began with only a few HUNDRED dollars. I know plenty of thriving small businesses that started with nothing more than an order pad and $20 worth of fliers announcing a new service.

Here'srepparttar 117917 big secret to success. YOU suddenly become a NEW person when you start your own business. For most of us, getting out from underrepparttar 117918 demands of a boss changes something in us. When YOU are demanding things from YOURSELF, you suddenly become ten times more motivated than when someone else is telling you what to do.

When I started my business from a corner of my kitchen, I foundrepparttar 117919 hours flew by. I went from working 40 hours a week doing bookkeeping at an asphalt company to putting in 100 hours a week on my business. And you know what? It didn't feel like work. I was tired atrepparttar 117920 end of those 14 hour days, but I felt like I had just come back from vacation.

This is one of those human things that people knew well back inrepparttar 117921 1800s, but nobody seems to remember today. You're smarter, more clever, and harder working when you work for yourself.

Here's how to get started.

1. Pick a field you know and LOVE. If you don't know much about what you love, set out to learn. But don't--no NEVER--do something you hate just because you have a chance at succeeding. I suppose there are people in other cultures who can make that work, but we Americans fall flat on our faces if we don't feel a deep personal commitment to what we are doing.

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