A Smart Spin for the Container-Challenged

Written by N Powell

I consider myself a very organized person. Inrepparttar cabinets above my kitchen countertops, Iíve organized my dishes by size and have all my bowls on one long shelf above my meal plates. My coffee mugs and glasses are organized by size and shape in another cabinet, while my pots and pans sit in a storage facility by my oven. My silverware is organized by utensil neatly in a drawer. My food pantries are separated into breakfast foods, pastas, canned foods, and sauces. My failure lies in making sense of my food storage containers.

I am living in Tupperware hell. After pulling my plastic food containers out ofrepparttar 135136 dishwasher, I place them in a 2-shelf cabinet next to my kitchen sink. There my beloved plastic handy-dandy food containers sit, littered amongrepparttar 135137 newly unused bread machine and old toaster oven. When I need to store leftovers, I dig throughrepparttar 135138 clutter it seems that I canít locaterepparttar 135139 right lid forrepparttar 135140 right container when I need it!

I woke up one day in an organizing mood. I decided to start withrepparttar 135141 cabinet next torepparttar 135142 kitchen sink.

Common consensus among home organizing experts seems to be to group similar items together, and to stock these items in an orderly fashion in a central location, within easy reach when needed. I already had my food containers where I wanted them. Now, it was simply a matter of determining which lids fit which containers. I went through and dutifully matchedrepparttar 135143 lid in my hand torepparttar 135144 containers inrepparttar 135145 cabinet. I disposed ofrepparttar 135146 homeless lids and containers. This way, I weeded outrepparttar 135147 useless containers and was stuck with onlyrepparttar 135148 good and complete ones. This lasted for about two weeks.

Next, I tried nesting smaller food containers in progressively bigger containers likerepparttar 135149 Russian nested dolls, withrepparttar 135150 lids placed conveniently onrepparttar 135151 top shelf,repparttar 135152 various rounds and squares onrepparttar 135153 bottom shelf ofrepparttar 135154 cabinet. This was very inconvenient, as I would need to dig thoughrepparttar 135155 nested containers and flip through allrepparttar 135156 lids to find a particular container. Thus, it became a hassle to retrieve what I wanted.

One evening, in between flipping to HGTV and Food Network, an infomercial advertised one particular item that caught my eye. The Smart-Spin Food Storage System appeared to be that miracle cure to my kitchen organizing woes. The design principles behindrepparttar 135157 product appeared so simple that it initially

Wrought Iron Dťcor for Rustic Mountain Charm

Written by Johann Erickson

Anyone having hadrepparttar privilege of visitingrepparttar 135135 Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee knows wellrepparttar 135136 thick pine forests, tumbling rivers, and delightful atmosphere of days gone by. The scenery is breathtaking, yet cozy mystical, yet warm and inviting. Log cabins, hearty food, and friendly people typify life inrepparttar 135137 Smoky Mountains. Wildlife abounds, and narrow meandering roads consistently promise yet another captivating meadow just aroundrepparttar 135138 next bend. For those fortunate few who live inrepparttar 135139 Smokies, home is in a wooded glen, or a scenic view ofrepparttar 135140 neighboring ridge. Life is rustic, comfortable and serene. Forrepparttar 135141 rest of us who long to revisit these enchanting forests, even if we live in Midwestern suburbia, we can bringrepparttar 135142 ambiance ofrepparttar 135143 Smoky Mountains right into our own homes with traditional rustic wrought iron decor.

Smoky Mountain decor is fairly easy to emulate simply visualizerepparttar 135144 woodland scene and take that vision into your living room. It might begin with a wrought iron welcome sign posted cheerfully on your front door, welcoming you, your family, and guests intorepparttar 135145 indoor mountain sanctuary. As you walk intorepparttar 135146 room,repparttar 135147 rugged wood paneled walls are warmed by a rawhide shade atop a sculpted forest wrought iron lamp. An antique rocker sits next to a crackling fire inrepparttar 135148 fireplace andrepparttar 135149 heavy pine sofa is flanked by wrought iron end tables, each with a base covered in sculpted woodland scenes. The room neednít be sparse, but donít overcrowd it either. A few rustic wrought iron accent pieces will compliment your mountain flair. Fine touches such as a moose switch plate cover, a bear light sconce, elk bookends, and a moose coat rack will add

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