A Simple White Hat Technique To Get Indexed By Google

Written by Satyajeet Hattangadi

Everybody knows that getting indexed in Google is getting more and more difficult each day and every body is looking for that edge overrepparttar competition.

Most "white hat" SEO's frown upon methods like cloaking, blog and ping and other such "black hat" techniques and never had any special technique that they could use to help get their pages indexed better.

Well, presenting Google Sitemaps, Googles latest offering which is still inrepparttar 146727 beta stage, and which won't makerepparttar 146728 purists frown.


Google sitemaps is a service that allows webmasters to define how often their sites' content is going to change, which is supposed to give Google a better idea of what pages to index.

By placing a specially formatted XML file on your web server, you inform Google of whenever your pages change, and thenrepparttar 146729 googlebot crawlsrepparttar 146730 updated pages makingrepparttar 146731 necessary updates to its database.

Google has providedrepparttar 146732 format your xml file has to be in at https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/docs/en/protocol.html

An interesting point is thatrepparttar 146733 xml file has 2 tags, changefreq and priority with which you can also indicate how important each page is, and how frequentlyrepparttar 146734 page changes.

The valid values for changefreq are "always", "hourly", "daily", "weekly", "monthly", "yearly" and "never" and similarlyrepparttar 146735 priority can vary from 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 identifiesrepparttar 146736 lowest priority page(s) on your site and 1.0 identifiesrepparttar 146737 highest priority page(s) on your site.

Once you haverepparttar 146738 xml file in place on your server, you need to inform Google about it by opening this URL in your browser


whererepparttar 146739 URL part inrepparttar 146740 above URL should berepparttar 146741 URL-encoded location of your Sitemaps xml file.

Now Google has provided an open source script that will automatically generaterepparttar 146742 xml file for you. The only drawback being its in a scripting language called Python.

Unleash A Thundering, Non-Stop Traffic Stampede To Your Site -- Practically Overnight!

Written by Paul Kelly

Are you FRUSTRATED byrepparttar lack of qualified traffic visiting your site? Are you FED UP of paying these so called SEO Experts who charge you an arm and a leg to make an "optimized" site for you? Are you FRUSTRATED that you don't have multiple income sources?

Most webmasters have one primary goal, increasing targeted traffic to their sites inrepparttar 146637 hope that this traffic converts into sales.

A lot of frustrated marketers resort to cheap gimmicky software, that generate cookie cutter style web pages that are often considered SPAMMY.

Well, I say...Dump that Cheapy software, Fire Your SEO Guy and Tell your Content Writer to take a Hike.

There is a new kid onrepparttar 146638 Block and his name is Traffic TurboCharger. This masterpiece of equipment DOESN'T BREAK ANY (search engine) RULES like allrepparttar 146639 other wannabee software seen onrepparttar 146640 net.

This State ofrepparttar 146641 Art Software instantly builds you a content rich website in a matter of minutes while you watch TV.

It follows a few simple steps:

Step One: Selectrepparttar 146642 keywords on which you want your site to be based, or letrepparttar 146643 tool generate keywords based on actual phrases that search engine users have search for

Step Two: Enter your affiliate ID's forrepparttar 146644 programs that you want to earn money from on your site andrepparttar 146645 URLs forrepparttar 146646 RSS feeds related to your keywords

Step Three: Enter your website information, URL, title and description

Step Four: Enterrepparttar 146647 information for your Hover Ads and subscriber co-generation code and Google Adsense ID

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